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Syncrystal Cheers for 15 Years – a Dazzling Christmas Night for Syntactics

December 12, 2015 – Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines – It was indeed a beautifully sparkling night as the management, employees, staff, and guests of Syntactics, Inc., a Philippine IT company providing outsourcing services in the Philippines, gathered to celebrate their Annual Christmas Party at Pearlmont Inn! This year’s Christmas Party was extra special, as this year marks the company’s 15th year in the business – the official anniversary was celebrated only a few months ago on June 18, 2015.

In order to fully celebrate the 15th year and crystal anniversary of Syntactics, Inc., the whole theme revolved around anything crystal, with its tagline “Syncrystal Cheers for 15 years!”. Apart from glistening blue and silver decorations, ladies were also asked to wear any crystal-like head accessory to go with their elegant dresses.


The night started off with a soothing acoustic number by guest performers Mr. Edmund Salcedo Jr. and Ms. Andrelin Pareño to set the mood for a joyous evening. Afterwards, Ms. Merry Colleen Miano officially opened the evening event with a very meaningful prayer.


As with all big events at Syntactics, Inc., Ms. Stephanie Rosalind Caragos, President and CEO, gave her opening remarks. Her short but sweet message emphasized on the thankfulness of having achieved the 15-year milestone, and how everyone, from families and loved ones, the board of directors to the employees have contributed to such success.

Afterwards, it was time for all the dashing gentlemen and dolled up ladies to strut their stuff and show off their dazzling outfits! The traditional Christmas Party ramp modeling kicked off with the hosts of the night, Mr. Carl Bryan Pontillas, and Ms. Jalou Batilong, being first to shine on stage with their getups.


After everyone had the chance to show themselves on stage, a sumptuous dinner was served, and a prayer before meal was then led by Ms. Remee Monique Espiritu. After 30 minutes, the hosts then commenced the first Raffle Draw of the night.

They randomly picked winners of the first Raffle Draw who won any of the following: a Star Wars Premiere Ticket (2), Micro SD cards (2), Hanabishi Clothes Irons (4), and an Electric Kettle (1). Then it was time to announce the winner for the “Sweets Guess” contest!


For this contest, the committee had prepared a big jar of assorted candies and displayed this in the Syntactics, Inc. office. Everyone was then asked to guess how many candies were in the jar by sending their answer through email.

The winner for the said game, who guessed 555 and, therefore, was the closest to guessing the exact number of candies which was 543, was Mr. Eggar Cortez. For his prize, he went home with the whole jar of candies all for himself!


Plenty of fun surprises were prepared that night, even for the children of Syntactics management and employees who were there! The surprise came in the form of the company’s very own Santa Claus, who gave gifts to the children.


Another surprise was prepared in the form of a video of past Syntactics events and a tribute video for the founders of Syntactics, Inc. A special message was also prepared by the emcees for these founders, namely Ms. Melanie Caragos-Talimio, Mr. Raymundo Talimio, Jr., Engr. Elpidio Paras, Mr. Wilfredo Kaamiño, Jr., Ms. Rosalinda Caragos, and the late Salvador Caragos.

After paying tribute to the founders of Syntactics, the recognition of employees who have shown their loyalty to the company by having been there for five years or more followed. Along with the four founders of Syntactics: Ms. Stephanie Rosalind Caragos, Mr. Wilfredo Kaamiño, Jr., Ms. Melanie Caragos-Talimio, and Mr. Raymundo Talimio, 15 employees of Syntactics, Inc. received these beautifully crafted watches in either gold or silver.


The next set of events were the team color and departmental competitions – something everyone surely prepared for and could not wait to witness! The first two contests were for the team colors, namely the Lip Sync Battle and the Sync Serye video presentation.

The first one to perform for the Lip Sync Battle was the Yellow Team, who did an Ariana Grande number with her song Break Free. Following the Yellow Team was the Red Team with their duet performance of Pink and Nate Reuss’ Just Give Me a Reason. Last, but definitely not the least, was another duet number from the Blue Team as they lip-synced “Everyday” from the popular movie High School Musical 2.


The next event had everyone’s eyes focused on the projector screen, as it was time for Sync Serye – a contest of acting abilities and videography skills. Each team prepared a short video film centered on the theme “Triumph over adversity.”

The Yellow Team went first again with their short film “Ma”, a story of a mother’s sacrifice to give her child a better life – without her, and how they eventually found each other in the end. It was followed by the Red Team with “Balos (Ikaw Sauna Ako Karon)”, which told a story of good karma and how kindness will always pay, sometimes in the most unexpected of times. The Blue Team’s “The Business Man” which focused deeply on the importance of the family, because you will never know when they will unexpectedly leave you, was the last video presented.

Next to grace the stage were the singers of each team department/division as they sang their hearts out in The Voice Sync! Team representatives Ms. Editha Dura (Business Applications Team), Ms. Rogilie Bacabis (Web Team), Mr. James Ranido (Online Marketing Team), and Ms. Harlie Faye Abejuela (Sales & Admin Team) officially started this competition with a battle round, as they all sang to a classic Christmas song “All I Want for Christmas is You.”


After the battle round came the final, individual performances of each team representative. The first to go up was Ms. Dura of the Business Applications Team, who sang to the popular Adele hit “Rolling in the Deep.” The Web Team’s Ms. Bacabis then followed with Ariana Grande’s “One Last Time.” Next, representing the Online Marketing Team, was Mr. Ranido with “Fight Song” by Rachel Platten. The last performer, Ms. Abejuela, was from the Sales & Admin Teams with another hit song from Alicia Keys, “If I Ain’t Got You.”


Following the festive contests were the awarding ceremonies for the department and corporate awards. The first batch of awards were for each department whose awardees were as follows:

Business Applications Team:

  • Standards Creation for Web Based Applications – Mr. Salrio Salcedo
  • Standards Creation for Desktop Based Applications – Mr. Kahlil Vanz Quilab
  • Business Applications Performer of the Year – Ms. Rosa May Ledon
  • Business Applications Developer of the Year – Mr. Jayson Dagulo

Online Marketing Team:

  • Best in Attendance – Mr. Alritz Carretas
  • Best Performer – Ms. Jeanelle Alexa Marie Lacbain

Web Team:

  • Outstanding Developer – Mr. Jeprey Mascariñas & Mr. Jose Nacasabog III
  • Outstanding Project Manager – Ms. Corrinne Ebarle
  • Rockstar of the Year – Ms. Corrinne Ebarle & Mr. Lyndon Baylin
  • Best in Attendance – Ms. Tomomi Saito
  • Web Promising Employee of the Year – Mr. Thomas John Gulisao & Ms. Alaiza Geene Maandig

This departmental awarding was then followed by another special number from the On-the-Job Trainees who showed that not just the employees, but even the OJTs at Syntactics can shine brightly with their show of talent! Specifically, these group of people showed everyone their talent for dancing through a dance medley of the songs “Fantastic Baby”, “Dessert”, “New Thang”, “Worth It”, “Sa Akong Heart”, and “Hit the Quan.”


After that lively presentation was the awarding of the Christmas Party Pre-Event and Event for the team color and departmental competitions, the winners were as follows:

Office Decoration Competition:

1st: Blue Team

2nd: Yellow Team and Read Team

Lip Sync Battle:

1st: Blue Team

2nd: Red Team

3rd: Yellow Team

Sync Serye Video Competition:

1st: Red Team

2nd: Blue Team

3rd: Yellow Team

The Voice Sync:

1st: Sales & Admin Team

2nd: Business Applications Team

3rd: Online Marketing Team

4th: Web Team

Another presentation then followed from the fresh faces or new employees of Syntactics, Inc.! If the OJTs did a dance medley, this batch of performers did an acoustic song medley of “Falling”, “Unwell”, and “Wonderwall”.


Shortly after this presentation was the awarding for the Lady and Gentleman of the Night, an award for the lady and gentlemen who looked the most amazing in their outfits! The winners for the Lady and Gentleman of the Night were Ms. Tomomi Saito and Mr. Yasser Amerhassan, respectively.


Following this was the second Raffle Draw batch where winners went home with one of these prizes: Star Wars Premier Ticket (2), Cellphone (2), Bamboo Amplifier (1), Desk Fan (4), or a Toastmaster Oven (1).


Next came the Corporate Awards for employees of Syntactics who have performed exceptionally in one way or another. The awardees were as follows:

  • Rookie of the Year: Ms. Assumpta Mae Cuerquis
  • Employee of the Year: Ms. Jennyca Almajar
  • Officer of the Year: Ms. Geralden Omandam
  • Team Leader of the Year: Ms. Lenivie Estillore
  • Team of the Year: Online Marketing Team
  • Sales Officer of the Year: Ms. Pamila Salon
  • Perfect Attendance Award: Ms. Editha Dura, Mr. Jose Nacasabog III, & Ms. Remee Monique Espiritu

The giving of Corporate Awards was then followed by the grand Raffle Draw with these major prizes: 3 Acer cellphones, 2 Noche Buena Packages, and a pair of jade earring from Golconda Jewels.


Another grand announcement followed for the Team Color of the Year, the placers were as follows:

1st: Blue Team & Red Team

2nd: Yellow Team

To formally end the event, Vice-President and COO Mr. Wilfredo Kaamiño gave his well-wishes to all the teams and to everyone in the company for his closing remarks.

As the night ended everyone went home with the hyped up spirit of a Syncrystal Christmas, with gifts and with smiles on their faces. Here’s to a beautiful, shining and sparkling Christmas, and 15 years for Syntactics, Inc.!

Jalou Batilong


Most every great writer is a voracious reader, and no word describes Jalou better. Jalou enjoys a good read whenever she has the time to sit down and open a book or browse for interesting articles. It's through reading that she is able to digest information so easily, and write her own unique piece of information to share to everyone else.

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