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Know the Six Elements of Content that Ignite Action

“You can have the best product or service in the world, but if people don’t buy it- it’s worthless. So in reality it doesn’t matter how wonderful your new product or service is. The real question is – will they buy it?” Noel Peebles

The aforementioned quote basically tells you a lot about content writing. Yes, your articles may grab the attention of your target audience but the question is, will they read the content?

It might be possible that millions of readers may notice your articles , but getting their entire attention to really read your content is just step one of the entire process.

As an internet marketer, for sure you already have an idea on how to get your visitor to re-spond by clicking the “Get a Quote” button and that same idea goes true to content writing.

Normally, writers even those who are already professionals, often get lost in track when they create a content that is not leading people to respond with measurable actions and would of-ten ask themselves which part have they done wrong.
The success of your content will normally depend on the six elements that you will get to know in this article. Without further ado, listed below are the elements that can ignite action to your readers:


Ask this question first before you write something, “Does you article flip conventional wisdom in your reader’s head?” Doing provocative writing is far more effective than just raising the eyebrows of your readers.This type of writing basically ignites the interest and emotion of your readers as it pushes the boundaries of something conventional into something that will make your reader think be-yond the usual. In that way, they become even more interested in your topic.


Are you trying to write something that has already been written before? Well, writing the same content in a different approach but still presents the whole idea is much better.

Instead of merely writing a blog post or a simple article about a certain exhausted topic, you can write something comprehensive with the combination of expert knowledge with of course a visually compelling format.


The content that you should be writing must talk about something that is relevant to the cam-paign that you are writing for. If your campaign is all about social media optimization then nev-er write something about computer virus. Concentrate more on your field, and remember if you go off topic your readers will surely crumple your article and place it into the trash.Keyword Content Ranking

Show Mastery

A masterful content must offer an unparalleled idea. You must know how to expand complex ideas and show a comprehensive analysis on your chosen topic that is not found and could not possibly be found from other resources.

This is where the value of content uniqueness enters. Your article must deliver first hand infor-mation that is reliable enough to be used by others as reference and for your readers as a newly injected insight.

Adding certain uniqueness will surely add more impact to your content.

Provide Solution

Content that provides solution usually takes the largest reading time compared to others that only present the main text and idea. Therefore you must write something that will intrigue the reader about your brand for example, “Rank Page One in Google in 30 Minutes with our Search Engine Optimization Service”. By merely reading the title, readers are already captivated espe-cially those who have a new website and would want to avail of SEO service.


A content with strong narrative basically drives the reader to an exciting journey with full of surprises and will surely lead to call to action. This type of content writing is easy to understand and inspires the readers to read on something they can actually relate to. For example writing something about dreams do come true.

To sum up everything, content writing is all about burning up your creativity on how you can actually present your idea into words. Write as if you were only talking to a friend but make sure that after they have read your article they are able to instill new ideas in their mind making them wanting for more.

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