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Create a simple Facebook Page or A Personalized Website?

Web Development and Social Media are considered one of the useful tools in promoting one’s brand. Having your brand registered as a netizen is already an advantage that results to having a broad market which  can lead to  getting a huge profit.

For most media companies, a website and a Facebook Page both have an individual roles in building and marketing your brand. Though both techniques are important, considering the individual goals are necessary in order to determine your top priority.

If you haven’t structured your goals yet, the table below can help you decide on which technique works best.

1. Ownership and ControlYou own your website. This gives you complete control over your media brand. You can personalize it as much as you want to make it more unique.You will be dealing with a third-party site, which is Facebook. Because of this, you are obliged to follow Facebook’s Terms of Service, which will be revised without your consent, and may lead to the permanent removal of your account.
2. DesignsYou can design your website depending on your brand’s goals and colors. Changing the theme, look and feel of your website can be done anytime and as often as you want.You are required to use Facebook’s own look, which often changes whether you like it or not. You cannot downgrade the upgraded Facebook look. You can only alter your logo by changing your profile and cover photo.
3. Information DeliveryIn websites, information flows in a “Audience-Content” basis, which means that your audience has to search you around the thousands of websites in order to reach your contentSince Facebook is a social media network, your information flows in a “Content-Audience” basis which means that your content is directly sent to your customers, whether they wished to receive it or not.
4. Staff UpdatesYour audience can subscribe to you via RSS Feed. By this, your audience are required to use an RSS Reader in order to keep your content streaming into their mails at all times.Whether or not your Facebook Subscriber decides to receive your content, your posts will always be viewable in their Facebook feeds.
6. RevenueYou can sell advertisements on your website to generate revenue by setting your own rates and managing your own inventory. Getting revenues are an advantage in websites, it’s like getting something in return of all your efforts. This can help you lessen the stress in paying your domain, hosting and other bills.You can’t sell ad spaces on Facebook.
7. StatisticsYour website statistics is only viewable by you, not to the public.Everyone can see your fans and subscribers.
8.ContestsHolding contests can drive people into your website. You have full control over contest rules and sponsors.Holding contests are restricted in Facebook’s Promotion Guidelines. This can be tracked once your contest link is passed on from user to user.
9. Comment PoliciesYou can create your own policies when it comes to comment posting. Though moderating comments may be time consuming, your comment collection may be as good as what builds you.You cannot review comments before they are posted. You have to keep an eye to people who only drop a comment to destroy you.
10. InteractionYour website has limited opportunities to interact with your audience. Though comments are posted, the others wouldn’t receive a notification that a new comment was posted. However, comments that are posted can help you gain Search Engine Optimization points that can help drive users to your website.Users can Like, comment and share your posts that are found on your timeline. When either of these is done, your post will be visible on their feed.
11. SEOGoogle crawls through your website.Google does not crawl through Facebook pages and profiles once set private.

Once you have evaluated your needs by the table above, you will know what the next step is. Good luck on your marketing journey.

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