Businesses that operate both online and offline know exactly the benefits they get when hiring virtual assistants; an efficient and convenient business solution which have proven to be really helpful in attaining business’s goals. A Virtual Assistant or VA can help a business owner “virtually”, or online.

The Philippines is one of the leading providers of virtual assistants in the outsourcing industry as Filipino virtual assistants or Filipino VAs have some traits and skills that make them unique and exceptional.

Filipino Traits and Work Ethics

When you have a Filipino VA, you will definitely benefit from the following traits and work ethics:

Sincere and Respectful

Filipinos value good relationships whether personal or professional, building trust with their peers comes naturally and is reciprocated. As a team in the workplace it makes work easier as everyone can rely to each other.

If there is one trait that Filipinos must be very proud of- is that of being respectful. This is something that is first taught at home and being reinforced in school. Being respectful is embedded into the Filipino culture, so Filipino VAs show respect to their colleagues, superiors and clients.

Calm and Enthusiastic

As part of their training at home and in school, Filipino VAs exude calmness in times of pressure or in any challenging situation. They know how to control their temper. They are also enthusiastic about anything that can help them in completing their task making them dedicated and passionate in their work. In addition, they stay committed to their goals.

With all these traits, you can expect Filipino VAs to be proactive with their tasks to give you high quality results.

Cheerful and Hardworking

The Filipinos are one of the happiest people in the world, and one of their best qualities is always seeing the brighter side of life. As a nation that is visited by typhoons annually, they are resilient in the face of calamities and personal difficulties, yet have managed to stay strong and happy. That, being said, you don’t need to worry about any difficult personalities on your team, as you have a VA who is optimistic and confident enough to get things done to your advantage.

Another great trait you should know about Filipinos is being industrious. They are widely known to give their best when getting their task done; they don’t settle for mediocrity, as they always aim for excellence.

They always want to be at the top as their work is an expression of themselves. Moreover, their education and training prepare them to keep up with the pace of those countries where their skills are most needed making them adaptable to the various demands of their jobs.

Good Listeners and diligent

Filipino VAs are trained to be good listeners. This is a very important trait that helps increase productivity as it helps minimize misunderstandings. They are also diligent and will accurately deliver every task assigned to them.

Have Common Sense

Filipino VAs are smart and they know a little of everything that they need to know to accomplish any task excellently. You can expect them to meet your expectations.

Skills that Make Them The Best in the Industry

Proficient in English

English is the country’s second language, and the medium of instruction in the Philippine education system. This is why the EF English Proficiency Index ranked the Philippines number 13 globally (out of 72 countries) and 3 in Asia (out of 19 countries). Filipinos definitely have the edge when it comes to communication.

High Educational Attainment

The government gives priority to education and makes sure that it is delivered with quality. In fact, there are schools even in the remotest areas to ensure that every Filipino has access to quality education, and teachers are well-equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to be competent in their respective fields. According to UNESCO’s Literacy rate statistics, the country’s literacy rate is 98.22% as of 2015.
This would mean that the higher is one’s academic level, the better is his/her knowledge and proficiency in the English language considering that English is taught as early as preschool.

When you hire a Filipino virtual assistant, you are assured of having a staff who has excellent communication skills! Another bonus is the fact that most Filipino VAs know the dynamics of outsourcing, thus making them familiar with your requirements.

Your Responsibility as a Business Owner

For your Filipino VAs to be able to work with you well, there are 5 things that you need to do:

Make sure to give your VAs their full job description as well as your expectations.
Being hardworking, they have the tendency to overwork, so you need to give them a specific schedule or work hours for them to pace their work well.
As they can also be shy at first, just encourage them to ask questions to ensure that everything is clear with their tasks.
Feel free to give them feedback to let them what they have done best and what areas they need to improve.
You can tell them your preferred day or time to communicate so they will feel comfortable talking with you.

This also helps create a good working relationships between you and your virtual assistant which is necessary to easily achieve your goals.

Now that you already know the benefits of hiring Filipino Virtual Assistants, you can start looking for VA firms that provide extensive VA training. They surely have proficient, hardworking, loyal, and optimistic Filipino virtual assistants who can help you manage some significant tasks to make your work much easier and your business more successful.

You can start your search by checking us out at Syntactics, Inc. where you can find a highly qualified virtual assistant in the philippines.

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