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Outsourcing Philippines Matters

The Philippine Outsourcing Industry has grown better over the years with its capital Manila the number 3 in global outsourcing and investments. Last year, its IT- BPO sector generated $13 billion in revenues. The factors that helped the growth of this sector are not only lower labor costs, highly educated and skilled workforce but also the clarity and fluency in the way Filipinos speak english (no accent) provided a plus factor.

These data show the confidence of companies to outsource to the Philippines to help save cost, attain goals and create more opportunities.

On labor costs alone, get as high as 80% savings when hiring web developers. These are dedicated developers assigned to do projects, allowing organizations to focus on core areas of their business. Maximise savings further by hiring according to skill set and experience.

The flexibility of hiring resource is at its best as changing staff according to requirements is easy. With little overhead, cost is at the minimum while operations is at its maximum efficiency.

In most practices, business operations are extended as work is handed over after office hours for the offshore company to continue.  The level of continuity in operations is achieved with outsourcing at the same time maintaining its quality. For example, when the seo specialist working with your campaign takes a leave of absence, another personnel will be assigned with the same experience level to ensure the campaign activities’ continuity.

This gives way to better operational control as the costs are constant and the operations are not interrupted, leaving companies to monitor operation objectives and goals.

Of course, the feasibility of the resource is not complete without ensuring its sustainability.  The Philippine Outsourcing Industry is a guaranteed option with its low-cost IT Infrastructure and locations, a highly educated workforce and strong government support.

Jalou Batilong


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