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The Different Types of QA Specialists for IT Projects

The Different Types of QA Specialists for IT Projects

The role of a quality assurance specialist or QA specialist mainly revolves around evaluating the overall quality of a built IT solution to determine whether it meets the requirements previously set for a particular project. They are responsible for specifying, gathering, and managing the required test data and evaluating the test outcome for every test cycle. In this article, we shall learn the different types of QA specialists. We will also discuss their respective roles and responsibilities, which will help you accomplish your IT-related projects.

The Different QA Specialists For IT Projects Quality Assurance Specialists

Types of Quality Assurance Specialists in IT

For one, quality assurance specialists check the overall quality of written content. They also ensure the quality of projects involving designing, creating, implementing, and maintaining websites, mobile apps, and software. Here are the different types of QA specialists for your IT-related projects:

Written Content

Among the types of QA specialists, some evaluate written content. These include news articles, blog posts, social media captions, online advertisements, press releases, and the like. As such, they use quality assurance tools to check the spelling, grammar, and sentence structure of a text to ensure that it delivers the message clearly and concisely and guarantee that no plagiarism is involved. You can also expect QA specialists to fit the tone, format, and writing style used in the content according to the target audience and the industry to which the brand or product belongs. Then, they ensure that the content is optimized for SEO and can rank high on search engine results pages. They use real-time SEO tools such as Yoast SEO to check if there is sufficient keyword density in the content.

Web Projects

Quality assurance specialists working on web projects perform audits to ensure that the website is functional and follows standards. They review functional and design specifications to ensure that there is a complete understanding of individual deliverables. These QA specialists identify test requirements from specifications, map test case requirements, and design test coverage plans. Aside from that, they develop, document, and maintain functional test cases and other test artifacts, including test data, data validation, and scripts. They also execute and evaluate manual or automated test cases and report test results. Then, they hold and facilitate test plans or case reviews with cross-functional team members. They identify any potential quality issues per defined process and escalate potential quality issues immediately to management. Lastly, they help ensure that validated deliverables meet the previously set functional and design specifications and requirements.

Software Development

Through QA specialists, you are ensured that there is a comprehensive and systematic procedure to help guarantee the quality of a created software. In addition, they help make sure the developed software follows set standards and requirements. These QA specialists, thus, evaluate the entire software development and test cycles. Because of this, the work of a QA specialist also involves the in-process gathering of data and process documentation. They also help verify the software components’ standards through quality reviews. Also, they create preventive measures for issues that may arise for the software’s users. Aside from that, they also analyze the goals and needs of the user and support the design process. They ask questions and communicate concerns between and among all involved parties. They can also troubleshoot systems to check their usability, reliability, and performance. Then, to help software developers improve the project, QA specialists also write bug reports.

Mobile App Building

Another type of QA specialist you may employ for your IT project includes those that help create mobile apps. They are primarily tasked to check the mobile app’s user interface (UI). For this, they should evaluate if the UI functions are clear. In addition, QA specialists also check mobile app security, a fundamental requirement for mobile applications following a country or area’s implemented data privacy rules and regulations. Thus, QA specialists should ensure the mobile app user’s confidentiality when using the app. Aside from that, QA specialists also check for a mobile app’s functionalities. This ensures that the mobile app user will have a comfortable time navigating the mobile app. Finally, QA specialists also check for validations and the connectivity of its processes, including user installation, sign-up and log-in, app upgrade, and the like.

The Different QA Specialists For IT Projects Bug Fix

Hire a Dedicated QA Specialist Now!

If you need help evaluating and improving your business projects, then the best way to go is to hire dedicated Web QA Testers!

A dedicated quality assurance specialist will help deliver your projects with the highest standards and at premium quality. Instead of doing quality assurance, your team can have more time to focus on doing things that need immediate attention. Also, because you hire them to do quality checks for you, they can give you their undivided attention in, for instance, interpreting collected and produced data, influencing process change within the organization, and the like.

Did this article help show you what the different types of QA specialists can do for your IT-related projects? Please share it with us in the comments section below!

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