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Commonly Used Schema Markups in Marketing

One of the most powerful and yet least employed forms of search engine optimization (SEO) is what web developers in the Philippines call schema markups. Once you fully understand schema markups and how to implement it into your web building, you can see how it can help improve its ranking on search engine result pages (SERPs).

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What is a Schema Markup?

Neil Patel defines schema markup as a code that you integrate into your website to help search engines return more useful and relevant results for users. Implementing schema markups allow users to see what kind of website you have. It helps users know the products or services that you offer, how much things cost, and many more.

Schema markups, Semrush adds, are “structured data vocabulary that defines entities, actions, and relationships” online. They make it possible for search engines to know better the meanings behind subject matters located on the web. By adding schema tags to your website, browsers can enhance your website’s search results with added information through Rich Snippets that help click-through rate in organic search results. Rich Snippets are structured data markup which site operators may add to their existing HTML.

Why are Schema Markups necessary?

 To begin, schema markups tell search engines what your data means and not only what it says. As such, the markup informs search engines the meaning behind your content. For example, you may have an article with the key phrase “web developers”. Search engines will recognize this, and they will produce a search engine results page entry with it. However, “web developers” could mean many things.

With this, you should consider placing the right schema markup around the key phrase “web developers” to inform search engines that you are pertaining to a web development company offering digital marketing services in the Philippines. As a result, search engines give better results and display better information every time users search for “web developers”.

For a clearer understanding, think about the use of HTML tags on web pages. These tags tell browsers to display information indicated in the tag. As such, an HTML like <h1>Watch</h1> will display the keyword “Watch” used in a heading 1 format. However, that HTML tag does not provide additional information as to what that keyword could mean. “Watch” could mean the act of looking at or observing something or someone over some time. It could also pertain to a small device worn on someone’s wrist to tell time. Because of this, search engines will find it difficult to display relevant and useful information for its users.

Additionally, schema markups use unique semantic vocabulary in microdata format. They lessen the need to learn new coding skills because web pages with schema markups still use HTML. The only thing that you need to do is add bits of vocabulary to the HTML Microdata. provides a diverse list of an agreed-upon set of code markers that dictate major search engines on what to do with the data on your site.

Schema Markups Commonly Used in Marketing

  1. Product

    eCommerce businesses find this type of markup as the most beneficial among the rest because it helps search engines understand the content and purpose of a website where the product is listed. The markup will tell search engines if the product is relevant to the key phrase or question that the user is asking about.

    Commonly Used Schema Markups in Marketing Product Schema Code Snippet

    Product Schema

  2. Site Search

    This markup places a search box under a website result whenever users type in a phrase or a question. With this, users can search the site without opening its link until a user sees that it has what they are looking for. In turn, this markup helps site owners filter any irrelevant traffic into the site and rank higher in SERPs.

    Commonly Used Schema Markups in Marketing Site Search Schema

    Site Search Schema

  3. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    The FAQ page contains a set of questions (and their respective answers) commonly asked by site visitors. If you use markup on the FAQ page, it will help lead search engines to your webpage. So, when users type in a question, the marked-up data on the web page with that question (and its answers) will inform search engines that said page contains the data the user is searching for. Then, the search engine displays the webpage.

    Commonly Used Schema Markups in Marketing Frequently Asked Questions FAQ Schema Code Snippet

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Schema

  4. Local Business

    This specific markup is most useful for businesses who aim to attract nearby users, such as banks, clubs, and restaurants. Said markup might include information on the business such as images, prices, reviews, open hours, and more. These pieces of information are crucial in increasing a business’s competitive edge over others, especially those businesses from the same industry.

    Commonly Used Schema Markups in Marketing Local Business Schema Code Snippet

    Local Business Schema

  5. Event

    This schema informs search engines about details on a page for events such as concerts, festivals, games, and more. Doing so increases engagements because users will be communicating with others who are also interested in the same event as them. Thus, the markup grows more interaction and clicks and helps improve a website’s SEO.

    Commonly Used Schema Markups in Marketing Event Schema Code Snippet

    Event Schema

For a more detailed list of schemas that you can use on your web pages, check out this Organization of Schemas by Also, you should check out these technical SEO tips from a digital marketing company in the Philippines to improve your eCommerce websites.

Schema Markups Commonly Used in Marketing Man Using Laptop Codes Snippets

Image Source: Freepik

Employ Schema Markups with the Aid of Web Developers in the Philippines

 Upgrade the way you deal with your SEO campaigns. Through the help of a dedicated team of web developers from the Philippines, you can apply schema markups on your web pages and increase your website’s ranking on search engine results pages.

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