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Syntactics DDD - Blog - December 2023 - Web Development Trends for 2024 (2)

Web Development Trends for 2024

As we start the new year, business owners need to stay updated on trends in the digital landscape. In particular, organizations with dedicated websites must learn about current Web Development Industry Trends.

What Web Design And Development Has To Offer WEB

Based on previous general directions in web development, here’are some of the top Web Development Industry Trends:

Web Development Trends for 2024

Cross-Platform Development

Cross-platform development allows applications to run on multiple operating environments and devices with minimal modifications. This Web Development Trend of 2024 saves on resources and development time. 

Here are the advantages of cross-platform development:

  • Streamlines web and mobile app development processes;
  • Reduces development time;
  • Ensures consistency across different app versions, and
  • Boosts efficiency and productivity.

Also, cross-platform development significantly reduces development and maintenance costs. Thus, this cost-effective approach can benefit businesses.

Popular Frameworks and Tools
  • Flutter (for native applications)
  • React Native (for cross-platform apps)
  • Cordova (for cross-platform development)
  • Ionic (for cross-platform hybrid mobile applications)
  • Xamarin (for cross-platform app development)

Statista Cross Platform Mobile Frameworks Developers Use

Source: Statista. 

Cybersecurity in Web Development

With the rising cases for cybersecurity breaches, websites should be developed with security in mind.

Security by Design

In a Security by Design approach, security measures are built into a system’s foundation. In 2024, developers will likely incorporate such measures into the initial design and architecture of web applications.

Zero Trust Architecture

A Zero Trust Architecture requires strict verification for every user, device, and app that attempts to access resources. It assumes no trust, regardless of whether or not the user or device is within the internal network. As a Trend in Website Development, more projects may adopt this architecture. 

VentureBeat Embrace Zero Trust Architecture in web development trends

Source: VentureBeat

Privacy By Design, Default

When developing web applications that process personal information, privacy should be considered from the start and all throughout the development lifecycle, where settings pertaining to the security personal data is set as default for users. 

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More Advanced Authentication Methods

This year, organizations must adopt advanced authentication methods, like biometric authentication, and Passwordless Authentication aside from Multi-Factor Authentication. These measures can significantly enhance online security beyond traditional username and password systems.

According to The Secure Sign-in Trends 2023 report, 64% of users and 90% of administrators authenticated with MFA.

Greater API Security

Web developers’ increasing use for Application Programming Interfaces or APIs also paves the way to greater security. Most web development companies, like in the Philippines, implement API authentication measures to secure data transmission.

Web Design Process From Start To Finish

Microservices and API-First Development

Microservices and Application Programming Interface-first development are gaining traction. 

Firstly, microservices architecture involves building apps as a collection of independently deployable services that communicate through APIs. Meanwhile, API-first development involves designing APIs before writing the app’s code, resulting in a modular and scalable development process. 

These web development industry trends enable developers to create more scalable and flexible applications through the following:

Increased Adoption of Serverless Architectures

Developers will continue to adopt serverless architectures. It’s often used together with microservices. After all, serverless computing means developers can focus on coding rather than the infrastructure.

Containerization and Orchestration

Microservices architecture relies on containerization, which uses technologies like Docker. So, container orchestration tools can help developers efficiently manage microservices for more outstanding reliability and ease of deployment.

Great Web Developer: Qualities to Look For

More Focus on Event-Driven Architecture

In event-driven architecture, services communicate through events. This trend in Website Development is gaining popularity for microservices that require real-time or asynchronous communication.

The Rise of Low-Code Platforms

As microservices become more popular, more developers will adopt the use of low-code platforms. The platforms simplify coding, streamline development efforts, and enable the creation of scalable solutions. These allow non-developers to participate in the development process.

Also, the global market revenue for low-code development platforms will reach $32 billion this year.

Progressive Web Apps or PWAs

PWAs combine the best features of website and mobile applications. This Web Development Industry Trend offers users the following perks:

  • Offline capabilities;
  • Push notifications, and
  • An app-like experience without the need for traditional downloads. 

PWAs are a popular and modern approach to building web applications that offer an excellent user experience experience. Here are some of the critical aspects of the Progressive Web Apps trend:

Further Cross-Industry Adoption

Currently, PWAs are widely adopted by eCommerce, media, and tech industries. This trend in Website Development is expected to spread to other sectors in 2024. Thus, diverse sectors will offer faster, more engaging User Experiences.

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Enhanced Offline Functionality

PWAs are known for their offline capabilities. So, 2024 may bring various enhancements for more robust offline experiences. These include the following: 

  • Offline transactions;
  • Content access, and
  • Data syncing once the user gets back online.
Performance Optimization

In 2024, web developers will focus on enhancing PWAs’ performance for loading times and responsiveness. Developers can use the following strategies to speed loading time and ensure responsiveness: 

  • Code splitting;
  • Lazy loading, and
  • Optimized caching.

Google Pagespeed Insights Mobile Score Tips

Advanced User Engagement Features

PWAs offer advanced user engagement features, such as the following:

  • Personalized content recommendations;
  • AI-driven interactions, and
  • Enhanced interactivity.

These create a more immersive and user-friendly experience.

Cross-Platform Consistency

PWAs work seamlessly on different platforms and devices. Thus, developers may prioritize consistent user experiences across operating systems, browsers, and screens in 2024.

Final Thoughts

The world of technology is dynamic, and its trends may change constantly. So, new trends may emerge while existing ones evolve. For instance, the top trends in Website Development for 2024 include: 

  • Cross-platform development;
  • Cybersecurity;
  • Microservices and API-first development, and
  • Progressive Web Apps.

Business owners and web developers must keep up with the latest developments. Stay updated and ahead of the curve by checking industry news! A Web Development Company in the Philippines is sure to keep up with the newest trends and apply them to business projects.

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