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Is White Hat SEO Still Relevant in 2024?

Your website’s ranking relies on the type of strategy you use, so it’s important to choose the right one. This brings us to the question: Is white hat SEO — and, by extension, its techniques and services — still relevant in 2024?

According to data, 90.63% of web pages don’t get organic search traffic. If you don’t want your website to suffer the same fate, you need to have a good Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy.

90.63% of web pages don't get organic web traffic, use white hat seo to gain traffic

Source: Enterprise Apps Today.

Compared to black and gray hat strategies, white hat techniques stick to search engines’ guidelines. If a reputable SEO company applies it to your site, it will provide better traffic in the long term.

Understanding White Hat SEO Principles

White hat SEO covers techniques that comply with major search engines’ guidelines for ranking your website on search results pages. Unlike black hat techniques, white hat ones don’t manipulate search engines into giving your website higher rankings.

Although the rules may change over time, the main goal of this strategy is to make your website helpful by creating relevant and accessible content.

Think about it: if you constantly provide valuable posts that cater to users’ needs, they’ll know to go to you if they need information. It’s because your site gives off trust signals, and in turn, it improves your rankings.

Blogging Wizard top SEO ranking factors

Source: Blogging Wizard.

In addition, on-page content is a top SEO ranking factor. If you want to get your site on top of Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), you might as well do it with the right content strategy.

Moreover, having a reliable SEO company that offers services that implement white hat techniques provides your site with a solid foundation. In addition, following search engines’ ranking guidelines minimizes the chances of getting penalties or deindexing. Thus, you’ll have a sustainable online presence.

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Is White Hat SEO Still Relevant in 2024?

The Role of White Hat SEO in 2024

White hat SEO is highly relevant in 2024.  White hat strategies adhere to commonly-accepted search engine guidelines and are the most effective method for boosting your site rankings.

Aside from providing your website with sustainable growth and credibility, a white hat strategy offers the following benefits:

  • Improved User Experience (UX);
  • Organic traffic growth;
  • Adaptability to algorithm changes, and
  • A competitive advantage.

Key White Hat SEO Strategies for 2024

To help create an effective ranking strategy, here are key techniques a reliable white hat SEO company often focuses their services on:

  • Creating relevant and valuable content;
  • Prioritizing user search intent;
  • Incorporating the right keywords;
  • Quality link building;
  • Optimizing on-page elements (ex., title tags, meta descriptions, etc.);
  • Integrating a mobile-friendly and responsive web design, and
  • Monitoring and analyzing website metrics and performance.

seo checklist for web developers

Addressing Common Misconceptions of White Hat SEO

Good white hat SEO techniques can help your website rank high on search results pages. However, some misinformation might convince you that the strategy isn’t for you. Let’s debunk some common white hat misconceptions:

Slow results.

White hat techniques may take longer to provide results than black hat techniques. However, the former provides higher-quality traffic because it meets audiences’ needs and interests.

Keyword stuffing is effective.

Keyword stuffing is a black hat strategy that can penalize your website. Instead, white hat strategies use relevant and natural keywords so your content doesn’t sound awkward and provides value to readers.

More links provide better rankings.

Quality trumps quantity when it comes to placing backlinks on your web pages. To improve your SEO efforts, focus on collecting high-quality links from reputable sites.

Adam Connell link building is the third most important SEO ranking factor, use it for white hat seo

Source: Adam Connell.

Work With a Reputable SEO Company to Boost Your Site’s Rankings!

White hat SEO will remain relevant in 2024 because it’s the most effective strategy for ranking your site. After all, search engines favor sites that provide valuable content and flawless UX — and a good white hat strategy ensures both!

An SEO company in the Philippines prioritizes your business’ valuable website content and optimizes on-page web elements.

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