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Law Firm Website Design Branding Tips

Law Firm Website Design Branding Tips

When designing websites, you must first figure out how to describe your brand. You can create a website for nearly any business, such as Telehealth and Fashion eCommerce. So, you must define your Law Firm via Website Design and Branding.

A staggering 96% of people use search engines for legal advice. So, you must create a visible and attractive Law Firm Website.

Of course, you might describe the particulars of your business on your website. These can include your business address, team of specialists, practice, etc. However, you shouldn’t stop at those details and move to more vital things. In the case of your firm, you need to answer these questions:

  • What makes your Law Firm stand out from the competition?
  • Why should potential clients come to your firm?
  • What’s your law practice’s story?

If you’re a Law Firm owner, you might not have the skills to create a website with complex design functionality. Fortunately, plenty of tutorials, tools (like website builders), and even businesses can make you more visible to potential clients.

Solidifying Your Website’s Brand

Branding refers to creating a particular name, design, or symbol that embodies a company. An excellent example of this is logos and, to a smaller extent, specific shades or combinations of colors.

Thus, your brand makes an impression on people with text and visual elements.

your practice should have a dedicated online presence

In addition to advertisements, you can further your Law Firm’s Branding via Website Design. Like various businesses, your firm can find success with a digital presence. One way to accomplish that is to attract and convert new clients. After all, more than a third of potential clients research attorneys or Law Firms online.

In summary, your branding can tell website visitors what your firm offers that they can’t get anywhere else. Is it your excellent service or determination to provide the best counsel? Perhaps your firm is geared toward a particular field.

Once you’ve found your Unique Value Proposition or UVP, you must ensure that it’s front and center in your website’s design.

Combining Branding with Your Law Firm Website Design

Naturally, your brand sparks recognition in potential customers and can compel them to come to you for legal advice. Overall, your firm’s brand can make or break your law practice. So, you must create a website that can draw in your target audience.

Arnold And Itkin, law firm branding, law firm branding design

Source: Arnold & Itkin LLP.

Thus, part of having a website involves an attractive and functional design. Your Law Firm’s Website Design is an excellent marketing channel to apply your brand identity. Text and visuals are perfect for conveying your business’ presence to potential and loyal customers. The elements that are crucial for your branding include:

  • logos;
  • color palettes;
  • Images; and
  • videos;

When considering Law Website Design for your firm, remember that it must stand out. As a result of its uniqueness, website visitors will have an easier time remembering it. Also, your brand’s design may evolve as time passes, so you should evaluate your branding once a year.

So, here are key ways you can accomplish excellent Law Firm Web Design:

Set Up Your Website Basics

You must show your brand identity via your Law Firm’s Website Design. Thus, your website visitors will know that you’re a business that can answer their need for legal services or advice. But before all that, you need to prepare your website’s basics, such as your domain name, hosting, email addresses, etc.

Hodgson Russ

Source: Hodgson Russ LLP.

Your site’s domain name should be as close to your firm’s name as possible. Your hosting plan can also ensure that your website has space on the Internet to share your services and content. Lastly, you need an email address that reflects your firm. 75% of customers trust businesses more when they use domain-based emails rather than personal addresses.

Tell Your Website Visitors a Story

Branding is vital for any business — including your practice. So, people love a great story, so your audience will appreciate knowing your law practice’s story. This can also be the perfect vessel for sharing your values and your Law Firm’s strengths. However, keeping your story engaging and as true to reality as possible is essential.

For instance, you might want to show that you’re a defense firm that keeps clients informed. Alternatively, you can be a firm that puts the community first with first-rate service. You could also bring fun into legal affairs by injecting humor into your advertisements and branding elements.

law firm branding, law firm branding design

Source: Horea Crisan.

Building Your Brand Concept

Before you start picking a lightweight WordPress Theme to build your website, you need to look inward for your Brand Concept. You can gain insights and brainstorm with your associates with these questions as your guide:

  • How can we set our firm apart from our competitors?
  • What sort of clients are we trying to attract to our Law Firm’s website?
  • What image do we want to project to website visitors and clients?
  • How are our other rival Law Firms branding their sites?

Once you’ve decided on the answers, you’ll need to analyze them to weed out inconsistencies. To create cohesive Law Firm Branding, you must align your:

  • UVP;
  • business objectives;
  • client needs;
  • branding strategy;
  • brand personality; and
  • your tone of voice.

This way, your firm’s website can better cater to the needs of your target audience. Then, after solidifying your brand, you can create a brand statement. It can explain your practice, your clients, and how you approach your work.

Shumway Van, law firm website design, law website design, law firm website

Source: Shumway Van.

Remember Your Target Market

Part of Brand Concept creation is considering the needs of your target audience. So, when setting up your branding, remember that you can only cater to a specific demographic.

Focusing on a particular subset of your target audience can save time and resources. As a result, your Law Firm Website won’t seem too unfocused while trying to attract clients. Also, you find out that Client Testimonials sing your praises to other potential clients.

Lastly, you must be honest about your practice and describe its uniqueness compared to competitor firms.

Settle on and Lean into Your Color Schemes

If your business has an existing color scheme, you must apply it to your site. So, your firm’s website must have a consistent color scheme as your branding.

law firm website design, law website design, law firm website

Source: Staver Accident Injury Lawyers, P.C.

Your Law Firm’s Website Design will impact visitor perception. For one, color boosts brand recognition “by up to 80%,” so it’s critical to have a consistent color scheme.

Use Your Law Firm’s Logo

Your logo is also responsible for ensuring that people can recognize your Law Firm at a glance. Therefore, it’s essential to insert your firm’s logo wherever necessary, especially on your website. In addition, it communicates your brand to new and existing clients. Thus, you should create an appealing logo design without being over the top.

Your logo reflects your business’ personality, so it must impress your audience while following industry standards.

Prepare Your Law Firm Website

While you can apply Website Themes or Templates to your website, you can customize them as you see fit. You should prominently display your logo so that website visitors can familiarize themselves with it as they browse.

Tremain And Artaza, law firm branding, law firm branding design

Source: Tremain Artaza PLLC.

In addition, you must also display your contact information at the top of your website and its footer. That way, visitors will know where to look for your number or email once they’ve decided to contact you.

A menu can improve User Experience as it makes navigation easier for visitors.

Add Informative Content to Your Blog

You also must regularly add content organized in categories on your site for Search Engine Optimization purposes. Also, you can use it to reflect your brand personality and values.

In addition to adding your branding elements to your content, it can show off your brand’s experience and knowledge. After all, SEO is crucial for getting your Law Firm noticed. Setting up a blog on your firm site can help your website’s standing on search results pages.

Tsmp, your practice should have a dedicated online presence

Source: TSMP Law Corporation.

So, your content must be focused on your law practice. But you direct your knowledge to your website visitors — or potential clients. Also, posting content regularly is a critical component of Content Marketing.

Incorporate your Social Media Accounts

Your Law Firm will appreciate having a Social Media presence. Thus, you must optimize your practice’s Social Network accounts, especially on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Of course, a dedicated website is critical for an online presence. However, Social Media can be beneficial in ways that a website can’t.

You can build a following and engage or interact with users on your chosen platform(s). For instance, Social Media networks can help your practice reach people who ask you questions about your practice.

Implement Your Elements

Branding elements — text, visual, and even audio — are critical for your law practice. Moreover, the elements must reflect your firm and its standards. For instance, you want your Family Law website to seem approachable and up-to-date. Thus, your website should be easy to navigate and follow current Web Design standards.


Source: Weinberg, Wheeler, Hudgins, Gunn & Dial, LLC.

Thus, preparing the necessary Law Firm Branding Design Elements is best before starting the Web Design Process. These elements will include:

  • Content about your Law Firm’s practice;
  • Large, clear images of your firm, especially your practice area or office location;
  • A video on your Law Firm Website; and
  • Profiles of the attorneys working in your firm.

Put Up Testimonials

Testimonials and Reviews are crucial to gaining plenty of website traffic. In a 2020 study, positive reviews “influenced buying decisions” for 90% of people. So, your website needs client testimonials on your homepage to gain visitors’ trust. Google My Business ratings are also beneficial for your business’ reputation.

Lastly, if your Law Firm has been recognized for its services, you can display awards and accolades. It’s recommended to organize your awards in a grid system to boost your practice’s reputation.


Source: YLaw Group.

Final Thoughts

A unique, personalized branding strategy is essential to your law practice’s success. Branding visually represents your business, condensing its values and strengths to make an impression on anyone who sees it. In addition to your dedicated website, you can show off your strong brand identity through other channels.

But in general, your practice needs experienced professionals and a great office location. However, your Law Firm Website’s Design Branding requires a few things:

  • Consistency in design elements on your dedicated Law Firm Website, Social Media, and marketing materials.
  • Clear messaging or tone of voice in your website’s content.
  • Tailoring your brand to your target audience.
  • Uniqueness compared to your industry rivals.

However, designing a brand can be challenging because it improves your reputation and makes your practice stand out. So, a Web Development Company in the Philippines can help your Law Firm create an attractive branding strategy.

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