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Top Traits To Look For In Your Lead Generation Team

Businesses thrive when they’re able to acquire a steady stream of clients to work with. However, depending on the amount of experience you have, it may be difficult to grow your client base. Moreover, newer products have the added challenge of leaving lasting impressions that drive clients to be more interested. In this case, you must first use the right lead generation strategies to create a demand for your products and services. And in order to do that, you need to identify whether you’re working with the right individuals. Look out for these traits the next time you’re hiring your ideal lead generation team:


In most scenarios, a digital marketing company in the Philippines can easily qualify as an effective lead generation team. This is due to their well-rounded understanding of the ins and outs of digital marketing. For instance, experienced Search Engine Optimization (SEO) experts can help you increase your visibility on the web. Similarly, content writers, and graphic designers can create relevant and visually appealing posts that draw attention. Social Media Marketing experts can then use these to further engage with an audience. Moreover, keep in mind that the knowledge of these individuals aren’t limited to their respective fields. In reality, their design choices, keyword usage, and ad placements, among other things, are backed by knowledge of how their work fits in the bigger picture.

Effective Communicators

Your ideal lead generation team should be able to market your products and services to clients with confidence and enthusiasm. Remember that not all leads are qualified right from the bat. In some cases, they may encounter leads that must be nurtured. This then becomes a matter of understanding the different kinds of clients and adjusting their approach to whichever works best. In most scenarios, team representatives acquaint themselves with their lead’s pain points in order to best explain how the product or service marketed can address their concerns.

Similar to how you’ve created a persona for your target market, prospects are also looking for teams that fit their criteria. Some may require facts and quantitative data before sealing the deal. On the other hand, others may be looking for more personal benefits. Nevertheless, the right lead generation team will be prepared to answer in both scenarios during their first scoping call. Moreover, during their conversations, they will also customize their responses to best acknowledge the client’s needs and restrictions (i.e. budget or deadlines). This way, they can reassure your prospects and make them more confident that your business is the right fit.

Always Striving For Growth

You may find that some skills and techniques that were effective years ago are most likely outdated today. Moreover, numerous innovators are continually developing new tools in order to simplify and streamline most processes. Thus, experienced lead generation teams understand that working towards mastering the craft isn’t limited to learning one over the other. Instead, the ideal team sets aside the time to learn more about the latest techniques and tools of the trade. They also continuously do their research and keep themselves up to date with the latest market trends. This includes the effectiveness of interactive content, conversational and account-based marketing, and data-driven personalization, to name a few examples.

man reading book to prepare to report to lead generation team

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The right lead generation team needs to be transparent with you regarding their plans and strategies. During your initial consultation, they need to be able to set realistic goals according to the timespan you give them. At the same time, they must also have a thorough understanding of how these goals can be measured using the right Key Performance Indicators (KPI). These data-driven individuals aren’t afraid of exploring new scenarios, less than ideal results, and looking for alternative methods.

Moreover, effective teams also require experienced analysts who know their way around numbers. These individuals take comprehensive reports (spreadsheets, graphs, charts, etc.) from your tools and simplify it for the team. For example, a Demand Generation Report shows that the most effective lead generation strategies are events, webinars, and lead nurturing campaigns with their effectiveness ratings being 68%, 61%, and 50%, respectively. Your analysts can then take a closer look at the factors behind their success and guide the entire group to adjust their strategies more effectively.

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Working With Next-level Lead Generation Teams

Have your lead generation team identify similar preferences and interests in your clients’ profiles to serve as their guide. Keep in mind that different platforms work best for varying types of customers. Thus, it’s also critical that they maximize each one. Moreover, oftentimes, lead generation teams strive to reach a significant number of prospects within a certain time frame. Make sure to set guidelines from the very beginning to distinguish between leads that must be nurtured and quality prospects.

Do you look for any other traits in your lead generation team that wasn’t mentioned? Let us know!

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