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What are Sales Incentive Management Software

Motivate Staff with Sales Incentive Management Software

One of the best ways to motivate your sales professionals to close their deals and complete their transactions is through rewards and incentives. As such, for any business, it is crucial how you design your sales incentive program. So, let us learn in this article how you can make the most of sales incentives through sales incentive management software.

What are Sales Incentive Management Software Sales Representative Boosting Business Success

What is a Sales Incentive Management Software?

As mentioned, nothing can excite your competitive sales representatives more than the possibility of getting an incentive when they make a sale. This reward will make them more motivated to perform their job. In turn, it will help improve your business’s overall success.

With sales incentive management software, you can easily create and manage incentive plans for your sales representatives. As such, it would be best to align your incentive plans to your overall marketing and sales strategy to help boost its effectiveness.

Through a customizable sales incentive management software, you can manage and calculate sales incentives according to your pre-set criteria. For example, you can include measures like quantity sold, quota, product profitability, service item, and the like. Therefore, with sales incentive management software, you can automatically generate sales incentives reports.

With this, your sales representatives can easily see the incentives that they could acquire whenever they make a sale and how these sales align with your overall business goals and objectives.

How Sales Incentives Management Software Work

Sales incentive management software helps manage sales incentives in one convenient and collaborative platform. Through the software, administrators, executives, and sales or financial managers can quickly check if their sales representatives hit the following performance measures:

  • Sales Volume

    This refers to the number of units or products sold, which you can categorize by product or service, department, class of business, and location.

  • Quotas

    These quotas may be periodic, such as weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually. You can categorize by total sales, product or service, class of business, subsidiary, department, and location.

  • Profitability

    You can base the profitability on each order, and you can categorize it by product.

So, in creating a sales incentive program, you have to make sure that there is a clear alignment between the sales representative’s objectives and your business goals. In doing so, every time your sales representative will make a sale, they will at once hit their objectives as well as your goals. With sales incentive management software, you can create a comprehensive sales incentive plan following your own set rules and deadlines, which also encourages your sales representatives to do better in the sales process.

Benefits of Sales Incentives Management Software

The following are some of the benefits that you can get when you integrate a sales incentive management software into your sales strategy:

  1. Directs your sales representatives to attain revenue growth

    A sales incentive management software keeps your sales representatives focused on achieving high revenue. The software shows them through a dashboard their progress in closing deals and, eventually, earning their incentives. With this software, you can track your sales, generate sales reports, and forecast incentives.

  2. Helps forecast the impact of incentives in your business plan

    You can use management software to help predict the possible effects of incentives on your overall business plan. Through this, you can make the needed modifications to your incentive plans, especially when you have new products or business priorities that your sales representatives need to market and sell.

  3. Aligns and synchronizes with your sales plans

    When you have set a sales target or objective, you can use incentive management software to optimize your sales capability. For instance, you can create quotas for each of your sales representatives. You can also modify your market coverage to provide your sales representatives with better chances of satisfying their revenue goals.

  4. Motivate sales representatives with future earnings through predictive analytics

    When your sales representatives see through the management software how much they will be earning in incentives depending on how much they sell, it will further motivate them to do better in their sales endeavors. The more they sell, the more incentives they will receive. Also, the better it would be for your company’s revenue.

  5. Aids in evaluating your business plan

    The sales incentive management software is capable of generating reports on sales. As such, it can provide your business with insight into how your business is doing. Thus, through this management software, you can monitor and evaluate your business plans to see if it improves your business. Otherwise, the data collected from the software can aid you in making the necessary improvements.

Common Features of a Sales Incentive Management Software

  1. Plan Creation

    Allows for the convenient creation of incentive plans.

  2. Sales Crediting

    Helps users set up crediting chains to attribute credit for completed sales to various tiers of employees.

  3. Sales Incentive Automation

    Automatically processes incentives based on set performance measures such as quota, units sold, and the like.

  4. Incentive Auditing

    Provides managers with a way to monitor or track audit trails to ensure that sales representatives comply with regulations.

  5. Dashboards and Analytics

    With a dashboard and analytics tools, sales representatives can view their progress. It can also help them forecast their projected payouts.

These are just some of the common features included in sales incentive management software. You can contact a custom software development company in the Philippines if you need more features integrated into your incentive management software.

What are Sales Incentive Management Software Sales Representative Ushering More Sales

Stimulate Sales with a Sales Incentive Management Software

Now that you know what incentive management software can offer your business, you should give it a try. Remember, the more sales you make, the higher your ROI. So, keep on motivating your sales representatives to help grow your business.

If you need sales incentive management software, you can contact a custom software development company to help build one that perfectly fits your business goals and objectives. Let us know how we can help!

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