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Digital Marketing and Sales: How to Be Great at Both

What’s the big difference?

Marketing and sales go hand in hand together, but serve different roles. Even for a digital marketing company, both follow the same core concepts. Let’s start by defining how each of them is separate yet able to support one another.

Quick definition of the two

Sales is the process where an individual or a team sells company products or services. Marketing, on the other hand, is another team activity which aims to understand the marketplace from the perspective of the customer. This means that marketing directs the company to where it can profitably compete and where the company’s future should be.

Markets are constantly changing. Therefore, it’s the marketing team’s job to stay ahead of the changes so sales people can take advantage. But without sales, marketing efforts also run short. In other words, these two support each other for the benefit of the business.

How big brands do digital marketing

While there are new digital marketing tools and trends to note this year, here are some of the concepts on how big brands do effective marketing.

  1. Tell a true story. Apple, for instance, ran their “Get a Mac” campaign by showing the public which is better based on customer experiences and feedback. Be honest, use humor and communicate what the market cares about today.
  2. Do what your competitors do not want to do yet. As a digital marketing company, try something radical and be willing to fail for those attempts. Your competitors mostly want to do the same old routines and play it safe because their strategy is working today. Nokia was so confident at dominating the mobile phone industry back in 1998 until Apple released the iPhone in 2007. By 2011, Nokia’s market share fell about 90% because they failed to innovate.
  3. Market to your existing customer base. Coca-cola, a leading brand before Apple and Google came into place, believed that you don’t necessarily need to find a brand-new audience to increase product sales. You can increase demand even among your existing loyal customers by innovating new ways to fit their needs.
  4. Make exciting promises that you actually deliver on. Some product marketing schemes get people excited about trying new services and products but fail to hit the mark. If your promise is a lie, you’ll be in trouble and sales will drop.
  5. Try new brand names. If you have many products, create a completely new brand for each. And yes, your company won’t have the name recognition it wants to have. But it’s why Procter & Gamble was able to generate more than $1 billion for each of their brands. Some of their successful products are Ariel, Head & Shoulders, Olay, Oral-B, Pampers, Tide, Pantene and Vicks.

Major pillars in learning how to do sales online

Aside from digital marketing, here are some sales principles that everyone should learn by heart:

  • Dedicate a considerable amount of time to understand your prospects. Be strategic in choosing your potential customers. There are a lot of fishes in the ocean and there is a unique approach to catching each type.
  • It’s always what your customer believes and not what you say. Do not rush to pitch your deck and take your time to engage with your customer. Learn what they need and be keen to take notes. Most of the time, they don’t know what they need and want until you guide them. Unless they believe your proposition, you’ll never have the chance to convert. According to HubSpot research, buyers want salespeople to: Listen to their needs (69%), Not be pushy (61%), provide relevant information (61%) and respond in a timely manner (51%).
  • Believe that you are the best person to help your customers. This is the main reason why confident salespeople are very successful. Besides, nobody wants to buy products from those who sell the same products but don’t believe and are confident in them.
  • Be on time, not early or late. Being too early lets your customers think you are desperate for a close and they can take advantage of the situation. Being late, on the other hand, makes them think they’re not that important. Additionally, scheduling for follow-through actions must be on pace and not delayed.
  • Always be prepared to close the sale. Develop a course of action and strategy depending on what the customer tells you and reacts to what you say. There are a lot of ways to close the deal so you want to practice ahead with possibilities.

Honing your skills in both digital marketing and sales

In the end, below are some of the tips that we can give for you to improve your digital marketing and sales skills for your business.

  • Set your goals clearly. Targets are very important so you won’t lose track of what’s needed to be achieved.
  • Everything is a step-by-step process. Fast or slow, every pace brings you closer to a successful deal.
  • Identify business pain points and challenges. Realistically, our products and services all have limitations. Recognize and build your confidence around what you can deliver, not with what you cannot.
  • Embrace team efforts. It’s best to do things together to achieve more. After all, two or more heads are better than one.
  • Talk to the right people. Select the best audience who has the authority to make decisions and carry out approvals.
  • Every step has to be measured. Each effort has a corresponding cost so make sure to maximize the allocation you have to its full potential.
  • Do shadow exercises. It’s a similar concept to “shadowboxing” in sports where athletes do exercise to prepare the muscles before the person training engages in stronger physical activity. Do mock pitches in marketing and sales as a team activity and let your teammates think of ways to shut down your proposition. Learning professional rebuttals is great at building confidence and strategic thinking.

If you plan to run your first digital marketing campaign soon, you can check out this Digital Marketing Tips for Beginners.



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