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The SEO Basics for Bloggers: Simplicity is Beauty

The SEO Basics for Bloggers: Simplicity is Beauty

For sure you have already heard about the expression CONTENT is the KING. That expression is very common especially for companies offering SEO services in the Philippines or anyone who makes use of online marketing strategies. Content marketing is the most powerful marketing method; and of course improve your search engine rankings over time. Thus, it’s important to get yourself familiar with content marketing basics.

Content itself has the power to create an overall image of your business. However, others still struggle to understand how to create the type of content that really works; and would create a lasting impact to the readers.

Since the benefit of the content is quite extensive; there has been a growing confusion over how to write effectively for both human readers and search engines. While you know that articles created for SEO syndication need keywords; keyword stuffing can quickly turn your readers away.

On the other hand, if you only write for humans; you end up losing valuable online opportunity that could have helped you rank higher in search engines.

To begin with your content marketing strategy, listed below are the five steps that you need to consider. These will help create a balance when writing for both search engines and human readers.

Focus on the Title for Content Marketing Basics

The title of your article is one of the first things that the search engine will see and so with your readers. If you have a very strong title; then you are making it easy for the search engine to identify what you will be discussing about in your article. In addition, this will make it compelling for your readers to read what you have to say.

Use Keyword Lightly Throughout the Article

In content marketing, keywords are used to determine the relevance of an article or web page for their end user. However, search engines are now smarter since they are already aware of the several tricks played by the content writers over the years.

Because of this, placing too many keywords in your article can cause harm to your SEO. Therefore, you will need to sprinkle your keywords lightly making them look more natural throughout your content. This will make your content ideal for human readers and you will have a strong article that will attract search engines.

Use Related Keywords

Another way to make it easier for you to incorporate your keyword into your article is to use variations of your keywords. You have to know that not every searcher will be looking for the same keyword. Having with you other related search terms can help you optimize your articles even better while sounding natural to your readers.

In a nutshell, content marketing is a powerful way to attract new clients and strengthen your online presence. If you will be needing some help with this, you can contact content marketing services in the Philippines to help you out.

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