The Internet has brought everybody closer than before, creating an opportunity for managers to do bigger things.

Working with an online personal assistant can take away hours off your workload and set you free to do other more important tasks. With the number of online personal assistants growing at a noticeable rate, it is now easier to find someone who fits your organization standards among a lot of other qualifying talents.

Most virtual personal assistants are contractors or freelancers who work at home and focus mainly on administrative tasks that a local executive assistant or office secretary would do. Some online sites specialize in “dating” employers and freelancers and have talent listings for online personal assistants.

There are however, existing trusted companies or agencies that provide online assistant and virtual assistant services to clients or companies that are looking for company based online assistants that provide more skills and resources whenever needed and not rely on one staff alone. Oftentimes, company based virtual assistants have continuous trainings, backup and contingency staff; all the salaries and benefits are already managed for them, thus making them focus more on the tasks being assigned by the client.

Entrepreneurs can use virtual personal assistants anywhere across the globe for any task from making service calls to sending out invites and thank you emails to prospective clients. However, knowing which tasks to delegate can be very tricky and challenging whether you’re growing a business or starting a new one. It is also important that both parties consider building trust and confidence, just as a full-time employee would with his or her employer.

When you decide to hire one, here is a list of what you can expect a virtual personal assistant can do:

  • Bookkeeping: Keeping an account on pending payments, outstanding invoices, unpaid bills, and other important bookkeeping matters can be one of the easiest things you can assign to a virtual personal assistant. Many companies choose to share their sensitive information with their virtual personal assistants who can then follow up on such tasks.
  • Data presentations: Creating a good and clear PowerPoint presentation, an interesting video or summarizing research findings in a Word document, all from raw data, can be a huge time saver when preparing or setting up for meetings if you get your virtual personal assistant to work on it.
  • Managing emails and websites: Virtual personal assistants can filter out your emails and respond to the rest on your behalf. Managing emails can be easily done remotely and should be a piece of cake. However, you need to guide the assistants initially on how to pick out key emails and ask them to copy or consult with you before sending out any replies to reduce, if not eliminate, the risk of errors. Once your virtual personal assistant gets the hang of it, though, you can leave them to manage your emails. Your time is gold and should not be wasted too much on emails that may mostly be unimportant. Periodical content updates for your company website should also be easy for your virtual personal assistant.
  • Social tasks: Writing holiday cards, composing invites, or sending “thank you” notes are just some of those tasks you can expect an online personal assistant to be able to do. This also includes online marketing, which is a huge plus for your company, as well as social media management.
  • Online research: You can easily forward Internet data mining to virtual personal assistants. Usual requests related to this include finding information on business websites, exploring new products, trends, and checking out potential employees or business contacts.
  • Data entries: Keeping databases updated is a suitable task for virtual personal assistants, whether it be encoding new business cards acquired at an event or updating information details for existing contacts. Just make sure to be very specific about your needs and expectations so there’s less room for errors. Ensuring that the virtual personal assistant has done this type of work can help before you delegate the task.
  • Scheduling: There are a lot of scheduling tools available online that virtual personal assistants can use to manage the calendars of many clients, from invitations to meetings requested by others, as well as scheduling appointments and assisting to plan out corporate events.
  • Travel research: Most virtual personal assistants are savvy and resourceful when booking flights, hotels, and mapping out travel itineraries for both business and pleasure. When booking or researching travel options, they can also deal with the hassle of navigating timezones.
  • Industry updates: With limited to no time in keeping up with industry trends and new updates, some companies turn to virtual personal assistants to keep tabs on important happenings. Executives then use this information to update their Facebook or Twitter feed and present some interesting industry updates in conversation with customers and potential clients in order to build trust and confidence.
  • Chasing business: In most cases when business opportunities present themselves, prioritizing them can be very challenging when your hands are full, but online personal assistants can help with the process to free yourself so you have the time to focus on the important parts.

In a world full of virtual personal assistants, hiring one can make a huge difference in your business procedures for the better. Should you need to hire, you can contact Syntactics anytime.

Jalou Batilong


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