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Market Delivery Services on Social Media: Coping Up with COVID-19

In-person promotional opportunities have become very limited because of the global health crisis that the world is facing today. Various businesses have taken huge hits on their sales and operation, which is why digital marketing, especially social media, is of vital importance to keep up with market delivery services.

One of the services that have become relevant in these unprecedented times are businesses that offer delivery. According to a survey conducted by Izea, a social media content provider, 76% of consumers order restaurant food delivery online. The figure below also shows how food delivery services are making an impact on a global trend. With everyone at home, people spend more of their time online. So, why are food and market delivery services so big right now? Well, aside from the pandemic, social media marketing has also played a crucial role.

Graph of showing food and marketing delivery services demand increase Source: Netbase

Social Distancing: Increasing the Demand for Market Delivery Services

According to recent research, there could be at least a 60% rise in media consumption because of social distancing or quarantines. Thus, content creators, advertisers, or even a social media agency in the Philippines must use this opportunity to engage with customers through various social media platforms.

With the increasing demand for food and market delivery services in businesses, you need to build bonds with your customers and grow connections with them. It can be through websites, apps, and other forms of online channels. You need to strengthen your visibility online and keep activities going. As stated by the CEO of Belle Communication, Kate Finley, “Now, is the time for social listening and proactive engagement.” You need to speak the customer’s language and understand their needs. You should know how you will be able to offer value to them.

Social media agencies in the Philippines consider the relevance of social media to brand strategy development. If you want your business to continue, communication with your customers through online platforms is the way to go. Here are some of the factors that can make for a successful social media marketing during the COVID-19 pandemic:

Provide Information That’s Timely

With things changing too quickly, your business should be able to provide information to your customers about how you are adapting to the crisis. It is important to acknowledge all of the changes that are happening because of the pandemic. Through your social media platforms, share with them the precautions that you’re taking as a business. Or whether you’re continuing operations or not. You can even also inform them of the current regulations and laws provided by the government. In this way, customers will see how informed you are. Thus, it will build reliability and trust. It will boost your brand and will make for higher conversion rates. 

Promote the Services and Options You’re Offering

Businesses that offer delivery are one of the most in-demand services in these times. That is why you need to take advantage of this and market yourself as much as possible. But, don’t also forget to be careful about what you put out online and be sensitive to content. For example, you can use social media platforms to make your audience aware that you’re providing take-outs and free deliveries. Make the customers feel that you’re easily accessible. That it is possible for them to take action. For your social media marketing, you can also make use of the following:   

  • Use general promotions such as posting your hours every day or giving out specials and promos.

You can use content that can help make your business visible. You need to put your establishment out there and encourage customers to view your profiles and sites. Emphasize things such as having the option for contactless delivery, for example.

  • Assure them through your social media platforms that you are taking all of the precautions needed.

Because people are doing the best that they can to flatten the curve, food and market delivery services are the main options for them. This will require risk for those who are offering them. That is why make sure that the consumers understand that your business is actively doing its best to ensure their safety and the staff’s as well.

  • Show your community support.

With the help of a social media agency in the Philippines, your business could market that it’s offering promos that will be beneficial to the locality. Since people would be searching for products and services that are near them, businesses that provide delivery should have special promotions. You can also promote donations to nonprofits and other positive content. Make the consumers understand that you’re not just doing it for profit, but you’re also trying your best to alleviate the burden.  

Make Your Business Easy to Find with SEO

social media agency in the Philippines will make use of SEO tools to develop and maximize your business’s potential. Social media marketing will only be as effective alongside SEO. Despite posting on your social media platforms every day, you won’t have a wider customer reach or an increase in traffic and organic leads if you are not making use of SEO. Your marketing efforts will be wasted if your business is not visible in organic searches. Google rankings are very important when it comes to online marketing. Thus, with the help of professionals, you need to create content that will have relevant keywords for your business.

This is not the time to falter with decisions in your business. Be resolute and offer market delivery services because it is the only means that you’ll be able to go with the changes. Communicate and understand what your consumers want, and then make them offers that they can’t refuse. With social media marketing, you can reach a wider audience and gain better engagement. During these times, building connections has never been more important for businesses.

Axel May Rivera


Axel is an avid fan of many dramas and songs. She is always eager to explore and discover more when it comes to movies and entertainment, especially in Korean and Filipino culture. In her free time, she enjoys reading books and playing badminton.

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