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Never Stop SEO, Else These Will Happen

So what happens when you stop SEO for your campaigns? Do you exit the top rankings list immediately? Does your site traffic immediately dive down? Sadly, all these questions have no simple answers. SEO is undoubtedly one of your company’s most crucial long-term online marketing strategies that brings you to the top.

Nonetheless, after hitting the number one ranking at search engines, most companies sometimes question if doing the little things in local SEO is still relevant in their internal activities. Assuming your website is completely optimized and competitive, here’s what’s at stake once you quit SEO:

You’ll notice in the first few weeks or months that your ranking remains relatively constant. Your traffic will probably stay the same. However, this pattern won’t stay long.

Why businesses have the urge to stop

The root of this fear in doing SEO is the thought that businesses might just be wasting their time and monetary investment on it.

You need to spend money at the start of every campaign with the hope of bringing more traffic and leads. But with little results with the first few months, companies get worried that they might not be able to justify the investment if they continue to run the SEO campaign.

Be reminded of the importance of SEO and its benefits.

Let’s go back and understand why we started doing the SEO campaign in the first place:

  1. Prospect clients are actively searching for the services that you offer.
  2. They want to find the right company to provide the services.
  3. These prospect clients are intentional and most likely capable of paying for such services.
  4. Once at the top ranking list, your company has the opportunity to bring in leads and sales for the long term as prospect clients easily find you when they search.

However, stopping SEO will only incur the following changes:

  • You cease building trust and reputation: Businesses in competitive markets that show little or no digital confidence in the global and local markets mostly end up losing significant opportunities and potential profits.
  • You quit improving your website: When you continually optimize and create targeted content for your site, web crawlers re-investigate your site. This activity, in turn, leads you to re-index, evaluate and identify your website for optimal search engine results. If you stop performing these tasks, the improvements end.
  • The competition never stops:  Just because you decide to quit doesn’t mean your competitors will follow the same. Eventually, your organic position and search engine ranking will be taken over by other companies from page three or four, who continue to work hard and invest.

What business owners must realize about SEO

Depending on the authority of the website, website age, and the strategies deployed, SEO starts to kick in between 3 and 9 months. And because of several factors, the results may vary.

Case in point, check out’s experience to never stop SEO activities. After five months of running an SEO campaign, there was a 732% growth in the number of unique visitors. Admittedly, the executives consider the results to “provide an excellent base from which to continue, towards hundreds of thousands of visitors.”

Trustmary sample


Renew confidence in your SEO campaigns

First, your company is working with experienced SEO experts. These are people who:

  • Live, breathe and work SEO.
  • Consistently raise their expertise to be on top of the latest SEO trends. They understand the consequences imposed by Google, what strategies work, and what don’t. Experience leads them to gain positive results on different clients.

Second, the SEO return of investment (ROI) is very high, and the potential benefits to your business are challenging to ignore.

Final thought: Persevere

In conclusion, assuming this is your first SEO campaign, and you’re probably worried that you haven’t seen any significant results, this is entirely normal and common when starting.

More or less, you’ll start to notice results in rankings usually at the 5th month, so it’s best to stay firm with the schedule and never stop the SEO activities. With that, here are our suggestions:

  1. Trust in yourself and your SEO provider in the Philippines; and
  2. Stick to the long-term plan.

Besides, it’s only a matter of time before you reach your rankings if they do it correctly. After that, your company will be reaping its benefits for many months and years.



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