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Web Design Trends and Inspiration in 2021

As we move closer to 2021, web design has never been more vibrant and creative. Web designers have grown to be more forthcoming and bolder in their design, giving websites fresh and fluid design aesthetics. That is to say; fonts are crisp, clear, and visually striking. Colors are bright, fun, and enticing. As such, web design trends in 2021 will undoubtedly pave the way for web designs to be more engaging, fun, and interactive that users won’t be able to help but scroll down and click that call-to-action button.

Web Design Trends and Inspiration in 2021 Web Homepage Setup

Image Source: Freepik

Web Design Trends in 2021

  1. Mobile-first design

    As more and more people rely on their phones to access the internet, especially with the rise of more powerful and adept mobile phones, web design has adopted a more versatile mobile-first design. Web design trends in 2021 are still expected to have a mobile-first approach to web design as users are more or less always on their phones.

    Web Design Trends and Inspiration in 2021 EaSync Mobile Version

    Image Source: EaSync


  1. Low Light and Dark Mode

    In the past months, you may have noticed some business websites starting to offer dark mode versions of their sites. Doing this offers its site visitors with a low-contrast site or app, which is easier to look at in low light environments, especially at night. So, consider placing a light-to-dark switch on your web pages, which your visitors can toggle between its light and dark modes.

    Web Design Trends and Inspiration in 2021 Light and Dark Mode

    Image Source: estudio/nk


  1. Modern Minimalism

    Offer your site visitors with a simple yet streamlined user experience with a modern and aesthetically-looking website. So, do away with flashy features and designs that may distract site visitors from doing what they have to do. Keeping things simple helps site visitors quickly find what they are looking for on your site and complete taking action.

    Web Design Trends and Inspiration in 2021 Modern Minimalism

    Image Source: Leen Heyne



  1. Interactive and Responsive Design

    Interactive elements and responsive features on business websites have become gradually popular today, and this trend may continue into the year 2021. Yes, they may be costly and could take a great deal of time to implement due to its complexity; however, employing interactive and responsive designs that are both informative and visually appealing into your website helps keep site visitors browsing on your pages.

    Web Design Trends and Inspiration in 2021 Interactive and Responsive Design

    Image Source: Daydream Designs



  1. Original and Custom Graphics

    Unique graphics with vibrant colors and gradients would remain of great use and impact in 2021. Also, the use of custom graphics allows businesses to convey the message of their web content truly. Utilize the various graphic design types to aid you in the better telling of your company’s story and its products and services. You can also integrate text into your graphics and images to supplement the design and create impactful web content marketing. If you are a designer, consider taking having graphic design training to improve your skills and be able to keep up with the latest trends.

    Web Design Trends and Inspiration in 2021 Original and Custom Graphics

    Image Source: Green Mountain Energy

  1. Diagonal Lines

    We have been all too familiar with the usual straight, horizontal lines to separate different sections on our web pages. Why not consider using diagonal lines this time? Using diagonal lines with a few scroll-triggered animations would create a new and modernized website. These lines would also help draw the user’s eyes down the page and keep them scrolling and reading your content.

    Web Design Trends and Inspiration in 2021 Diagonal Lines

    Image Source: Bright Media

  1. Embedded Videos

    One of the best SEO and web design techniques that you can again use in 2021 is placing a video on your website’s homepage. With the use of videos, you can introduce site users to your brand. It is also a great way to showcase your products and services to them. By doing this, you give your site users an idea of who you are, what you do, and what you have to offer.

    Web Design Trends and Inspiration in 2021 Embedded Videos

    Image Source: TBWA


  1. Scroll-Triggered Animations

    This is one of the most recent web designs that you may integrate into your website. It is a type of web design that requires great visual design techniques and front-end development skills. With the use of scroll-triggered animations, you help increase the time that users spend on your site. Just make sure that your animations do not confuse or distract site users from your goal of them completing an action.

    Web Design Trends and Inspiration in 2021 Scroll Triggered Animations

    Image Source: Vincent Saisset

  1. 3D Space and Depth

    Along with custom graphics, web design in 2021 would have more 3D rendered graphics that create more depth to websites. Additionally, these graphics would be hyper-realistic and can be animated to be more interactive to users.

    Web Design Trends and Inspiration in 2021 3D Space and Depth

    Image Source: Flixxo



  1. Supersized and Striking Titles

    Today, users seem to spend less and less time on websites. Because of this, you can adapt a web design that includes large and bold titles with summarized messaging to immediately grab a user’s attention and increase the chance of a conversion. So, for this, you need to utilize and play with your typography Fonts for heading tags would need to be crisp, big, and bold. If you need to add more information, then you can pair it with a much smaller sub-text copy.

    Web Design Trends and Inspiration in 2021 Supersized and Striking Titles

    Image Source: Anywhere Workers



Push your Web Design to the Next Level

Overall, these are some of the web design trends that we might see in 2021. In simpler terms, web design would lean more towards mobile-first design, with simplistic yet bold designs, vibrant colors and gradients, and fonts that pop. In the end, these will all work out to create an impact to an already impressive and intuitive overall visual aesthetic.

So, are you ready for your website to be in trend this 2021? Hire a dedicated web designer, employ your favorite web design trends from the ones mentioned above, and take your web design to greater heights!

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