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Why Responsive Web Design is Good for SEO

One crucial Reason to Switch to Responsive Web Designs is that they’re good for SEO. Not only that, but Google recommends them because they’re the “easiest design pattern to implement and maintain.” Thus, there’s a need to avail of responsive Web Design and Development Services, especially from a trusted company.

So you’ve successfully put up a website, and it’s a remarkable achievement — cheers for that! And now you’re planning to get more traffic, sales, and brand recognition on the web by utilizing different marketing strategies. Although, the first thing you need is a responsive web design for your business site.

Remember that you are in the digital age where mobile is king. For your business site to gain traffic and sales, you must meet the needs of your potential clients.

What Does Responsiveness Have to Do with Web Design?

According to a 2021 Pew Research Center survey, 85% of adults reported going online daily. Some were near-constantly online, others went several times a day, and some only once. In addition, mobile devices were responsible for 57.38% of web traffic. So, a fair amount of people spend their time on the Internet, especially on their phones.

You must have noticed this if you’ve been paying attention to website analytics reports over the last few years. The significant increase in a website’s traffic comes from visitors who use their mobile devices. Of course, these mobile devices include smartphones or mobile phones and tablets.

responsive Web Design and Development Services from a company.

Responsive Web Design means ensuring that your web pages render on varied screen resolutions without any issues. As a result, your website can follow along with Google’s Mobile-First push!

Responsive Web Design and SEO: How They Work Together

Aside from seamless user experience, a Responsive Web Design can also help websites rank high on SERPs. Responsive Web Design and Development gives you SEO and PPC advantages, too.

Responsive Web Design is a great marketing strategy that’s ahead of most approaches. A single URL helps Google index the site’s content properties. As a result, it saves time for crawling the full mobile version of the site. So this reduces website load time, it also erases the need for redirection, and your site ranks higher on SERPs.

For instance, WordPress has many Lightweight Themes that embody responsive Website Design and Development without sacrificing SEO! So here’s how responsive Web Design can boost your Search Engine Optimization strategies:

Mobile-Friendly: a Response to ‘Mobile-First’

One way to achieve responsive Web Design and Development is to have a website that works on any device regardless of screen size. So, your site must be Mobile-Friendly to be “readable and immediately usable” to mobile device users.

why responsive web design is good for seo

As a result, responsive Web Design Services can also be applied to Mobile-Friendly Websites.

An increasingly popular approach to getting mobile traffic is a Responsive Web Design strategy. Responsive web designs “respond” to or resize and adapt to a wide range of screen resolutions. Thus, this allows users to browse a website across multiple devices.

In other words, when users browse a website that has a responsive layout through their smartphones, it will appear on their phone’s screen with no distortions and missing elements. So, this gives any website owner a significant marketing advantage.

Speeds Up Page Loading Time

Page Load Speed is one of Google’s various ranking factors. So naturally, a responsive website will load quickly on a mobile device. So if your website loads quickly, visitors are less likely to leave. Google will, of course, take note of this, and thus your website will enjoy a better ranking as a result.

Although the window of time is short, your web pages should load in three seconds or less. The Bounce Rate will increase after four seconds.

Of course, a responsive site must look appealing to the eye. So, Page Load Speed must not sacrifice the overall look of the website’s mobile layout. After all, User Experience (UX) is another search results ranking factor.

why responsive web design is good for seo, development services company

Improves Site Visitor Retention

Getting traffic is a matter of ranking on SERPs, but keeping visitors from leaving the website requires a responsive, Mobile-Friendly site. Of course, responsive Web Design means lowering the page speed time. As a result, you can lower Bounce Rates and increase Click-Through Rates.

So, an appealing, responsive website can get visitors’ attention and keep their interest. This interest must last until they purchase a product or service or subscribe to your mailing list or newsletter.

However, on Google’s side, retaining website visitors is a factor in SEO rankings because it means that your content is interesting and valuable.

Boosts Your PPC Campaigns

Pay-Per-Click Campaigns will benefit from a responsive Web Design. But, of course, many people use their mobile devices to visit web pages. So, for PPC Campaigns to gain attention, they need to look presentable.

So, your PPC ads need to follow along with your site’s Mobile-Friendly design. Not only that, but your site should be free of technical errors that might cause visitors to leave. Otherwise, your potential customers might leave the site before even looking at your ads.

why responsive web design is good for seo

Furthermore, Google AdWords can help more websites adapt to multiple devices in terms of advertising site’s products and/or services. Indeed, a website with responsive layout designs makes PPC campaign management easier.

Prevents Duplicated Content on Your Site

Google wants site creators to think of how everything looks to site visitors. In addition, it wants to ensure that content follows White Hat SEO practices. The latter includes preventing duplicate content.

When creating a Mobile-Friendly website, some web developers make a different version of their site but with the same content. However, Google dislikes having duplicated content. Furthermore, it confuses their bots or site crawlers and results in ranking issues, such as Keyword Cannibalization!

But the great thing about responsive Web Design is that you don’t have to create a separate URL. So, the content is on the same domain, even on different version layouts. Thus, you avoid getting penalized for duplicate content.

Entices Visitors to Share Content on Social Media

In addition to being a more casual avenue for brand awareness, responsive Web Design can also help your Social Media strategies. Although it’s not a SERP ranking factor, it can still boost your SEO campaign’s effectiveness.

advantages of design

For instance, you can use your Social media accounts to drive traffic to your dedicated site. So if your Web Design is responsive, you can share content across platforms without any issues.

After all, most people check on Social Media via their mobile devices! Thus, you can make more people aware of your brand, even if they’re not usually the kind to read website blogs.

Invites Higher Conversion Rates

One significant benefit of a Responsive Design for Websites is that it enhances the users’ experience. After all, one sizzling hot SEO Ranking Tip is to focus on giving site visitors an excellent User Experience. Responsive Web Design is a big part of that.

Users can instantly see what they need to know without getting redirected. Also, Responsive Web Design eliminates some barriers, especially those related to site content structure, functionality, and performance. So, it can positively impact conversion rates.

Thus, if your website is responsive, it retains more people. Keeping the attention of site visitors means Google ranks you higher on SERPs. Of course, higher rankings on results pages mean more traffic gets diverted to your site! Its advantages with SEO emphasize hiring a company with excellent responsive Web Design Services.

advantages of design

Responsive Web Design Simplifies Analytics and Reporting 

Analytics as feedback is vital for progress. However, if you have two separate websites, you will have to work twice as hard with your analytics. Not only that, but because you have more than one site, you’ll have to prepare two analytics reports. So responsive Web Design eliminates the need to create a separate website for mobile.

Since there’s only one site to look after, you will only need to examine and report a single set of analytics. After all, a responsive site only has one URL.

As a result, it will be easier to analyze conversion paths and determine what part of the site needs immediate improvements.

Keep Your Website’s Mobile Version Presentable!

It’s already routine for business site owners to follow whatever Google recommends. So, this guarantees a fair chance at a great spot on desirable search results pages. But, of course, with Google recommending responsive Web Design, many have taken on the services of trustworthy companies.

To stay one step ahead of competitors, you must use a responsive design for your business website. Keep note of this, especially when you’re outsourcing web design jobs.

If responsive Web Design still doesn’t make sense, you might consider talking to a Development company that offers such services. If you need help with site responsiveness, you can hire a Web Design and Development Company in the Philippines to cater to your needs.

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