Website speed matters!

Indeed! Note that as the average internet connection speed increases, the website visitors are becoming less tolerant of slow loading times. In fact, Google has even stated clearly that the search engine prefers to reward those websites that are fast with higher position in the natural search result.

For you to take advantage of the reward, speeding up your website should be your first priority. Having a fast loading website is extremely crucial for you to stay alive in the modern era of web design. Bear in mind that there is no room for slow websites anymore so if you have slow loading time, then you better do something about it.

In this article, you are going to learn a number of ways that you can use to help you successfully uplift the sluggish loading time of your site.

Understanding Website Loading Times

The loading time of your website is basically connected with the demand made on the server to load. For instance, the more HTTP request you make, the longer it takes to render. Samples of HTTP access includes:

  • loading CSS style sheets
  • loading scripts
  • loading images
  • loading HTML

Other factors that can affect the loading time of the site include large images and video files that can drastically slow down page rendering.

How to Reduce Website Loading Time

Do Not Use @import

The use of @import CSS rule will give you the privilege to load other CSS files into your stylesheet. However, there are some files loaded through the @import that cannot be downloaded, therefore the main stylesheet can increase the overall load time of the pages.

Compress Website Images

You need to compress all the images found in your website for web-base quality. You can do this by using default image compressor that is already built into Google’s Page Speed plugin. All you have to do is to save the compressed version of the images into your local folder on your computer and re-upload it.

Utilize Browser Caching

Browser caching stores cached version of static resources. This will therefore help in speeding up your website and reduce server lag. To enable caching, you will need to add codes to your .htaccess file.

Follow the above mentioned tips and enjoy a fast speed website. If you need assistance in implementing all of these, you can ask help from us! Here at Syntactics Inc. we give you our team of professional web developers to offer you fast and quality website!

Jalou Batilong


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