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Top 2024 eCommerce Website Design Trends

Here are the latest eCommerce Website Design Trends for 2024 your users will respond to. The right eCommerce web design can contribute to your business’ success.

ZipDo Ecommerce Design Statistics, Top 2024 eCommerce Website Design Trends

Source: ZipDo.

 Finding the right balance between practical and appealing elements will take your site from good to phenomenal!

What eCommerce Website Designs are Trending in 2024?

Mobile-First Design

The mobile-first design approach continues to be a popular eCommerce Website Design Trend for 2024. 

Majority of Internet users use mobile devices, and almost everyone online shops through their phones. According to the latest Web Design Statistics, if users find your website mobile-friendly, chances are that 67% of them will be more likely to purchase your products.

Furthermore, applying a mobile-first design on your eCommerce site results in the following perks: 

  • Improved User Experience (UX);
  • Faster load speed;
  • Better technical SEO performance, and
  • Better adapting to different devices. 

Ecommerce web designs

Augmented and Virtual Reality

AR and VR experiences are crawling their way into eCommerce website designs, including in the Philippines. These innovative technologies prove they’re more than just eCommerce web design trends. AR and VR allow developers to create eCommerce product pages that sell because users actively interact with your site. Thus, it elevates their shopping experiences.

For instance, cosmetics and fashion eCommerce businesses can use AR to create virtual showrooms. Customers can explore your products and try on clothing or makeup online. As a result, your business can reap the following benefits:

  • Enhanced product visualization;
  • Improved customer engagement;
  • Personalized product recommendations;
  • Increased brand loyalty, and
  • Reduced product returns.

Furthermore, AR and VR keep your users on their toes since an immersive shopping experience keeps them engaged. Thus, they improve your website’s SEO performance since users stay longer and explore more pages.

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Personalization and AI-Driven Experiences

Personalization and AI-driven experiences remain popular for this year’s eCommerce Website Design Trends. 80% of users prefer to buy from businesses that give personalized experiences. It won’t be a massive surprise if personalization soon becomes a necessity for all eCommerce sites.

Bloomreach Benefits Of Personalization, Top 2024 eCommerce Website Design Trends

Source: Bloomreach.

Frankly, all businesses can benefit from personalizing websites according to the users so they can enjoy these advantages:

  • Improved user engagement;
  • Enhanced customer experience;
  • Increased conversion rates;
  • Reduced cart abandonment, and
  • Optimized product discovery.

AI technology can also help you if you want to take your personalization strategy up a notch. It analyzes your users’ behaviors and preferences to give them better product recommendations and promotions.

For example, Walmart has a Voice Order feature that gives customers brand suggestions about products they inquire about through voice search. On the other hand, Amazon recently announced the use of a generative AI-powered tool on their site. It summarizes product reviews to help customers determine whether a product is right for them.

Voice Search and Voice Commerce

Voice search is making users’ lives more convenient since they no longer have to manually type whenever they have an inquiry. So, eCommerce websites are adopting voice search in their web designs for 2024 to enhance User Experience.

Any eCommerce business can benefit from using voice search since it can provide the following benefits:

  • Improved accessibility;
  • Faster search and navigation;
  • Simplified checkout process;
  • Expanded market reach, and
  • Enhanced customer loyalty.

Furthermore, voice search can impact your website’s SEO strategy. A helpful eCommerce SEO tip you can do is to optimize your site for voice search. It provides search engine users with better responses because voice search understands natural speech.

Progressive Web Apps

PWA design is excellent for eCommerce websites that want to provide a fast and user-friendly experience. For instance, many online shopping platforms use PWAs in their web design so customers can shop smoothly, such as the following:

  • AliExpress
  • Alibaba
  • OLX

The beauty of PWAs is that users can access them on their mobile browsers, and they function like native apps. So, browsing your site and shopping for your products feels seamless. Furthermore, PWAs can provide your site with these features:

  • Faster loading times
  • Offline functionality
  • Push notifications
  • Cross-browser compatibility

As a result, users will want to return to your website and buy your products because they enjoy the experience.

Social Commerce Integration

According to data, U.S. sales from social commerce will reach $86.7 billion in 2024. So, it’s no wonder that integrating social commerce into your website is a priority in this year’s eCommerce Web Design Trends.

Ecommerce Tips Social Commerce

Source: Ecommerce Tips.

Optimizing your site for social media can help you gain the following perks:

  • Expanded reach and discovery;
  • Social proof and user reviews;
  • Influencer marketing opportunities;
  • User-generated content, and
  • Social sharing and virality.

Furthermore, creating a brand community on social media is easier because you can engage with your users promptly. So, if your audience sees you care about their needs and preferences, they’ll be more loyal to your business!

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Businesses continue to adopt sustainable web designs this year. Applying a minimal design and optimizing your website can reduce its energy consumption, thus increasing its load time and enhancing User Experience.

Aside from creating a visually appealing website, an eco-friendly design can:

  • Attract green consumers;
  • Foster a positive business image;
  • Lower operating costs, and
  • Reduce carbon footprint.

You can also provide helpful information about eco-friendly practices to increase your engagement. Also, prioritizing sustainability can help keep your business relevant since it can quickly adapt to changing societal expectations.

Blockchain Technology in eCommerce

Statista predicts businesses will spend $19 billion on blockchain solutions in 2024. So, expect that eCommerce Website Design Trends will prioritize tighter security this year.

Statista Blockchain Solutions

Source: Statista.

You can benefit from using blockchain technology on your website if you’re selling:

  • Luxury goods;
  • Digital content;
  • Antique or vintage items;
  • Medication and healthcare products, and
  • Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin.

Thus, your website can experience the benefits of blockchain’s cryptographic features through:

  • Transparent and traceable product supply chain;
  • Prevention of counterfeit product distribution;
  • Faster and secure transactions;
  • Data privacy and ownership, and
  • Efficient returns and refunds.

Although you don’t necessarily have to use blockchain technology in your web design due to its complexity, incorporating it can be a valuable addition. Once your customers notice your site runs a tight ship regarding security, they’ll want to buy more from your business since they trust you.

Responsive and Conversational Customer Support

Customers prefer businesses with responsive customer support because it solves their issues or inquiries faster. Plus, using a conversational tone makes your users feel like they’re talking to an actual human because of the personalized assistance. So, it’s no wonder these two elements are part of the list for eCommerce web design trends for 2024!

Using AI in your customer support can provide your users with 24/7 assistance regardless of time zone. As a result, your website can experience the following benefits:

  • Improved customer satisfaction;
  • Enhanced user engagement;
  • Increased customer trust and credibility;
  • Reduced cart abandonment, and
  • Operational cost savings and efficiency.

How To Hire An ECommerce Web Development Company


eCommerce Design Trends aren’t just for improving how your website looks. You can use them to improve your site so your users enjoy shopping with your business better. If you need help figuring out which trend will work flawlessly for your site, you can always work with a company that offers eCommerce website design!

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