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Web QA Process: What To Look For

How you present overall your website speaks volumes of information to a potential client. Whether it’s the general layout of your e-Commerce site, the aesthetics and the design of its visuals, it is essential to get first impressions right and impactful. Hence, Web Quality Assurance (also known as Web QA process) takes its place and makes a huge difference.

Regrettably, many things can go wrong when it comes to building an excellent website. Hidden issues get complicated over time, and if nobody intentionally searches them, errors can be ignored and may spike up later on. 

Web QA takes into account every aspect of delivery or production processes as the maintenance of the desired quality level in any service or project. In the case of web development, it is of utmost significance.

In this article, we will dive into the mindset of quality assurance specialists and understand how they approach the role with strategies.

Understanding  the Web QA Process and its Scope

conducting quality assurance

Web QA is quite different from user testing, which is more focused on user experience. An article from contrasts the two and discusses why QA is important and complementary to user testing.

As a common practice, the QA in web development focuses mostly on these three areas: 

1) Requirements compliance

2) Design

3) Functionality

Breaking them down, let’s discuss the details:

Requirements compliance 

This test includes a list of requirements by the Web QA Tester after client approval of the design documents. The web designer and developer may provide impressive website layouts and wireframes. Their output, however, would still need to meet the approved materials. Importantly, this step guarantees not to miss a single client requirement before the developers build the website and take over.


The aesthetics of the website is fixed and finalized based on the design specifications which the client approved. Additionally, the layout is tested on all browsers from desktop, smartphone and tablet devices, and all platforms.


The testers address the functionality during the final phase of the Web QA process. Primarily, they verify functionality by ensuring that all links, buttons, and other website features function expectedly across several browsers and platform devices. 

Things Web QA Testers Should Look For

quality assurance and checkingGoing into more details, here’s what to look for during every testing phase if you are part of a QA Team:

Accuracy in Original Design

Firstly, make sure the version developed is true to its original design that the client approved as the expected product. Sometimes, there will be some adjustments along the way. Ensure, however, that the client accepts them. Afterward, include them in the reports and expected output.


Secondly, check if the text you see on every page has correct details, grammar, spelling, etc. Additionally, test PDFs and other downloadable content if you can download them. 


Examine the pictures on the website and see if they are the right photos. Likewise, check for the proper resolution and watermarks.

Menus and Links 

Make sure to test all menu items and links. For example, go where the links need to go and check if those connected content pages do not lack anything. 


Next, fill out the forms to ensure that all fields function and the validations work as expected. For instance, submit forms and test if they work or that they were able to comply with the next steps, such as receiving emails or notifications.

Browser Check 

On various browsers from desktop and mobile, check your website. Particularly, test new as well as old but still prevalent browsers if they are compatible with the site and its features.

Payment Gateways 

If you have any payment components of the e-commerce or custom system, test them. Moreover, try payment processing and make sure your payment gateway fits into your bank accounts. 

Data Privacy and Terms of Use

Lastly, every website needs a privacy policy if it collects data. Web developers today take this as part of their standards, but be sure to check also. If possible, ensure that the consent for visitors to accept cookies is also present. Also, include a Terms of Use document for legal purposes. 

Basic Web QA Process Checklist

Green checklist text with vectors of files


Meanwhile, here’s a simple checklist that you can use as a basis to assist you through the whole Web QA process:

  1. For An Initial Review

  • Review all hyperlinks and test/fix all broken links. 
  • Check menu buttons, drop-down, and sidebars.
  • Compare the site layout authorized.
  • Test if it breaks when you resize the browser.
  • Test functionality and responses.
  • Review the homepage header, footer, sidebar, and domain contents.
  • Check the 404 pages and ensure they are 404 and have a site map.
  • Test on all devices: desktop, smartphones, and tablets on all browsers.
  1. Check the Design

  • Test if web design works on all major browsers. 
  • Test for consistency of styles and layout elements.
  • Review key functionalities for visual flaws – Links, forms, plugins, site search.
  • Check the homepage, subpages, and landing pages for visual issues.
  • Test if the website is mobile responsive or not.


  1. Content

  • Make sure that the site pages have no “Lorem Ipsum” content.
  • Review if all website page content matches what was approved.
  • Check the main navigation if the links redirect you to the right content or pages
  • Proofread all content for spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors. 
  1. Contact or Submission Forms

  • Send test messages for every form to guarantee that the forms work correctly. 
  • Check all Call-to-Action (CTA) functionality as well.

Hence, you can improve your checklist, starting with these and build the right dynamic in your Web QA process to addresses issues that may arise.

Aim For Excellence, not Perfection

In conclusion, your website is an expansion of your company. Its quality and reputation are essential. However, it will never be perfect or ideal. There will always be room to improve and innovate along with your company’s success. Likewise, your goal must be to be efficient in the delivery of quality service to your clients with the help of excellent Web QA Testers from the Philippines.




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