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Digital Marketing Trends to Gear Up for in 2021

Businesses that can adapt quickly to evolving technology easily gain additional customers and increase their profits. Today, you can integrate various digital marketing tools and strategies into your business marketing efforts. Now that a new year is about to arrive, let us all get familiar with the digital marketing trends to gear up for in the year 2021.

Digital Marketing Trends to Gear Up for in 2021 Man and Woman Liking Posts On Social Media

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Digital Marketing Trends in 2021

Below, we have put together a quick list of the trends that could take place in digital marketing for the new year.

  1. Video still holds the spotlight.

    Today, video is the most commonly utilized marketing content. Thus, it follows that brands and marketers should continue using the different social media video formats in the promotion of their products and services to their customers and potentials clients. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok are there for you to maximize.

  2. Produce short-form content.

    The attention span of people online keeps getting shorter, with people scrolling non-stop while staying bored at home. This is the perfect time for you to continue producing short-form content. As such, you should make use of TikTok, Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook Stories, and other platforms that allow you to create short visual content in promoting your brand’s products and services. Remember to create post designs and optimize them with the right keywords and CTAs using tools such as Moz, Google Analytics, Google Ads, BuzzSumo.

  3. Content value over production quality.

    Home isolation forced business owners to make the most of what resources they have in their immediate surroundings. Moreover, recent months have shown marketers how consumers still interact with ads and other digital marketing efforts, even if they were produced entirely at home. They realized that there is no more need for big production processes, as long as you can produce social media content that is authentic, interesting, and provides value to customers. Take note of these graphic design trends that may continue to dominate in 2021.

  4. Social media as shopping channels.

    Many brands nowadays use social media platforms in managing their businesses online. Thus, it is expected that these social media platforms will continue to develop online business marketing solutions for their users. For instance, Facebook recently launched the Facebook Shops feature as their latest move into the e-commerce industry, where consumers can directly buy a product without leaving the app.

  5. Enhance conversational marketing.

    Many brands love connecting with their customers and target market through social media chats and other messaging platforms. However, they usually interact with their clients to make sales in the quickest time possible. So, in the coming year, try focusing on helping your customers with their concerns and educating them about your products. A healthy mix of AI tools such as the Facebook Messenger Chatbot and human interaction through your sales representatives when responding to clients online helps you encourage them to take action.

  6. Live streaming will go higher.

    This coming year, more brands are expected to go live. Social media users have seen an increase in brands and marketers going live to promote their brands. It also helps them spread awareness about their products and service offerings. As part of their social media marketing and SEO efforts, brands can go live on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter and hold fora, Q&As, tutorials, and other similar contents. Doing so allows your followers to engage with you on a more personal level, straight from their screens.

  7. Less is more.

    Last but not least, make customers feel valued by spending more time creating content that is genuine, relevant, and relatable. Be more thoughtful and stop bombarding them with relentless and repetitive social media ads and posts. Furthermore, help your audience realize the real value of your brand. Make them see that they would need your products and services to overcome yet another year with the pandemic still at large.


Digital Marketing Trends to Gear Up for in 2021 Digital marketing team constructing landing or home page. Tiny people painting units on webpage. Vector illustration for website designers, content managers, internet promotion concept

Image Source: Freepik

Ace your Digital Marketing Efforts in 2021

As such, you should craft your digital marketing strategies following these trends and help your business grow in 2021. No business is alike; thus, you must continue researching other trends. Study the behavior of your consumers to provide what they are looking for. You can also analyze your social media activities and engagements to know which marketing strategy works best for your clients.

On a final note, remember that trends should not replace already excellent and effective digital marketing strategies and tools. As a business owner, you should know what’s best to make your brand stand out.

Employ the digital marketing trends, tools, and strategies mentioned above with the assistance of a digital marketing company in the Philippines and make the most significant impact for the year 2021. Tell a remarkable story to your market and provide authentic and meaningful content to your customers!

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