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Quora Marketing Strategies for Today’s Digital Marketers

Quora has established itself as one of the more popular online forums to ask about any topic you can think of! Through the answers, Quora users can gain and exchange knowledge on nearly any subject. Quora has a variety of individuals on the site, many of whom are Digital Marketers trying to get a leg up for their business. Indeed, Quora can become an excellent avenue for marketing, so read on for the strategies to achieve success.

What’s so special about Quora?

According to its site, Quora’s “[a] place to share knowledge and better understand the world.” 

As a result, it never has a shortage of topics, even topics relevant to a particular niche. Digital Marketers probably have questions related to your industry and business on your Quora dashboard. So, once you sign in for the first time, you can get to answering questions as soon as you’re ready! In addition, through subtle Quora marketing strategies, you can boost your business’ popularity. 

Of course, Quora can shed light on various topics, many of which relate to personal and moral dilemmas. And three’s not only those but plenty more! You could find out how to set up LinkedIn Adswhy Cloud Backups are so advantageous, and even how to set up a mail merge! If you’re wondering about it, Quora probably has an answer. And if they don’t have the answer, then chances are you can give it to the audience. 

quora questions

Here are tips for Marketing your business on Quora:

Thoroughly fill out your Quora profile!

This Quora marketing tip boils down to the saying: “First impressions are important.” Thus, your Quora profile needs to be presentable. Then, of course, you’re going to have to put a little elbow grease into Quora just like you did your company site and social media! That’s how Quora users know that you’re serious and committed. So, you need a decent profile picture and info about you and/or the company. So, a thorough Quora profile will let everyone know you’re the real deal.

To make a good impression on anyone interested enough to click on your Quora username, you have to do a few things:

  • Add a profile photo with either your company logo or your good side!
  • Quora allows you to add taglines, so make them count!
  • Describe yourself as well as your credentials and years of experience.
  • Digital Marketers, consider adding your business social media accounts on Quora!

Keep your eyes on the topics that matter.

Since Quora has a sizable database of questions, you can choose what sorts of topics you want on your dashboard. It’s connected to the previous Quora Marketing tip: you’ll find relevant topics depending on what you put in your profile. Then, Quora matches your credentials, such as employment, to the questions. 

Quora is a site that requires answers that are as accurate and relevant as possible. So, Quora will send questions that you can give top-quality answers to as an industry professional. In turn, you can also peruse topics related to your business.

Answer relevant questions, attract relevant people.

When searching for relevant questions to answer on Quora, Digital Marketers should look out for the ones with lots of Upvotes. In layman’s terms, the more Upvotes, the more popular the query. However, you should also consider answering new questions or less-popular ones. Who knows? You may even give the question popularity!

Of course, as you put your best foot forward on your blog post content, Quora Digital Marketers should do the same in a smaller capacity. You still need to add accurate data or even real-life anecdotes if required. Information is vital to Quora, and Digital Marketers should use it as their main draw for your Quora audience. If your audience likes your answer, you get Upvotes in return, which is a significant boost in the eyes of the Quora algorithm. You’ll gain a lot of popularity and authority with Quora Upvotes! 

quora digital marketers

Remember to format your Quora answers!

An excellent Marketing Strategy for Quora is to ensure you’re not inputting a massive block of text. In connection to this, on Quora, your answers can be a few words long. On the other hand, a Quora user humorously discovered that the character limit for answers is so high that you can put 20 copies of the Bee Movie script before you have to stop writing. 

With this in mind, avoid writing answers with a word count that matches the Bee Movie script 20 times over. So, on a more serious note, make sure that your reasonably-sized answer is well-formatted. So, sentences should be broken up into paragraphs. Also, add bullet points too! Additionally, you can even add images to your answers.

(Subtly) drop a link back to your website content.

To Digital Marketers, if you want to provide an in-depth answer and divert some of Quora’s traffic to your company website, then you can add your domain’s links to that answer! This tip works if your blog post or content is relevant to the topic at hand. To do this, type in a paragraph or two talking about your intel as a lead-up to the link! Thus, Digital Marketers can subtly and skillfully divert interested users to your business’ pool of knowledge through Quora.

So in terms of this Quora Marketing Strategy, upon seeing your answer, interested users will also see your (slyly) well-crafted plug to your content. Thus, after Upvoting your content, they’ll head over to your site in no time at all!

Consider heading to Quora Spaces regarding your industry!

A Quora Space is a forum on the site that centers on a particular topic. Also, a selected few, or “Contributors,” can answer questions. With a space dedicated to one topic, one can see informed discussions and answers to related subjects. You won’t miss out on engaging content for the topic at all!

In addition, using Quora Space is a perfect strategy for marketing your business to Quora users! Why? Well, one advantage of joining one is that you get notifications for the posts in that Space! Another is that you can see how many users are following the Space.

Check your analytics, too.

Finally, for this Quora Marketing Strategy, remember that you always need feedback on your work. So Quora delivers on this aspect as well! So if you check your Quora analytics, you can keep doing the things that bring positive change while also pausing or adjusting things that don’t help you. Thus, Quora monitors all your answers and lets you see how you’re doing. So, you get to see how many people read said answers and how many have Upvoted them. 

In this manner, you can refine your understanding of the Quora demographic. You’ll also be able to see what topics are the most compatible with your business.

quora marketing strategy

Quora’s the new cool tool for Digital Marketers!

Quora is not only a great site to ask for and give relevant answers, but it can also be a way to market your business. Quora deals in high-quality intelligent answers. Thus, digital marketing companies in the Philippines can add their own two cents. 

So, the best Quora Marketing Strategies are: have a robust Quora profile, format your answers well, and link back to your own content. Also, Digital Marketers should check how their numbers are doing!

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