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Why Businesses Need Influencer Marketing in 2021

Why Businesses Need Influencer Marketing in 2021

The year 2020 has been a year of unexpected changes, and it forced businesses and consumers worldwide to adapt to it. For this article, let us focus on influencer marketing and its contribution to marketing and growing businesses. Let us discuss some of the top influencer marketing trends you can employ in your business in 2021.

Why Businesses Need Influencer Marketing in 2021 Influencer On Social Media

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Influencer Marketing Trends to Work with This 2021

  1. Influencers vs Content Creators

    In social media marketing, the term “influencer” has gone through a few changes in meaning in the past few years. Before, an influencer was someone who had a significant following on social media. Today, the word has become strongly associated with the process of monetizing by way of sponsorships and deals with brands and businesses. The association may appeal to some; however, many have started to use the term “content creator” or “creator” instead. More importantly, those who identify as content creators tend to be more mindful about what they publish online. They place more value on content, thereby ensuring its quality. Therefore, you must employ content marketing optimized for social media. Concerning this, content creators are more than social media personalities with a large following. Thus, you can also categorize photographers, videographers, writers, performers, and many more as content creators.

  2. Video Remains King of Social Media Marketing

    Video marketing, specifically short-form video content, will remain to be popular on social media platforms. It would be best if you put into mind that people nowadays have shorter attention spans. As such, you should produce video content that is time-sensitive and easily digestible. This means that your video marketing content should be brief but still engaging, informative, and relevant to your target market. Today, you can also maximize “disappearing content” in your social media marketing strategy. With this, you can create influencer marketing video content to place on Facebook Stories, Instagram Stories, and the like.

  3. Ecommerce Features on Social Media

    More and more social media platforms offer eCommerce features on their websites and apps. Facebook, for instance, released Facebook Shops as its latest move into the eCommerce industry. Facebook Shops allows users to shop across social media apps under Facebook, such as Instagram and, of course, Facebook. As such, you must employ said eCommerce features on your social media platform while integrating influencer marketing on your product ads. With these eCommerce features, you can create ad posts that would allow your customers to shop directly by clicking on them. With this, you provide your customers with a direct and more streamlined way of purchasing your products or services without the need to head to your business website.

  4. Paid Advertising Expands Reach

    It may seem illogical to use paid advertising still when you already have influencer marketing at your aid. At first glance, they do the same things to achieve the same goals. However, with paid advertising, you can help expand the reach of your influencer marketing content on your social media platforms. Facebook paid marketing, for instance, uses granular ad targeting, which would help display your influencer marketing content to the people who are most likely to take action in response to your ad, such as “sign-up,” “contact,” “add to wishlist” or “add to cart.”

  5. Value and Authenticity Are Key

    Today, almost everyone uses mobile devices and has access to the internet. With these, small businesses grow their business through websites and social media channels. People browse on sites and scroll through social media to get information, purchase products or avail services, find entertainment, get connected, and the like. With this, you should know that many people follow celebrities and influencers on social media because of their opinion on specific social causes. As such, many of these people have purchased because of a celebrity or an influencer. Therefore, you must be careful to produce influencer marketing content that showcases the influencer’s authenticity and your brand’s value. If you can make your target market realize that they genuinely need your products or services through authentic influencer marketing content, it will increase their chance of taking action.

Why Businesses Need Influencer Marketing in 2021 Influencer and Customer

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Employ Influencer Marketing and Grow Your Business

All of these trends are vital in boosting your business performance this 2021. However, we must put a particular emphasis on the last one. Showcasing your brand’s authenticity and value through influencer marketing content will ensure that you connect personally with your target market. With this, you increase the chance of them patronizing your products or services and promoting your brand to others.

If you need assistance with all of these, you can get help from a company that offers social media marketing services in the Philippines. Employ influencer marketing in your advertising campaigns and see your business grow this 2021!

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