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What is AI-Generated Content & Its Pros and Cons

To gain top rankings on search results pages, using content created by Artificial Intelligence isn’t your best bet. But what is AI-Generated Content, and is Automated Content Creation truly that bad? Can an AI Content Generator Tool cause problems for your website’s standing on Google?

Artificial Intelligence is one of the more significant SEO Trends and Strategies of 2022 and 2023. Fortunately, you can automate content and create excellent pieces of content using Artificial Intelligence Tools.

First, a Content Generator Tool analyzes vast sets of data. Then, the algorithm generates text or sometimes images based on the analysis. So, you can create content with the help of the tool — no human intervention required.

Content not crafted by human hands and intellect can’t hack it on Google search results — or so we believe. So, is an AI Content Generator Tool detrimental to your search results rankings?

How and Why AI-Generated Content Works

Automated Content is generated by Artificial Intelligence from a Content Generator Tool’s understanding of existing content on a topic. The AI studies articles, stories, and even forum threads and then recreates the content it analyzes.

You can create text, images, and videos through Automated Content Creation. The algorithm-generated content can then beef up your website’s content pool. But, of course, you might not always find the perfect Long-Form or Short-Form article in the output.

what is ai generated content

Still, some people in charge of website content management might want to take AI-Generated Content off the table entirely. This might not be the best call — this Content Generation method worked for 37%.of businesses in 2019

Because of the many advantages of AI Content Generators, more businesses have used them ever since. In 2021, 86% of CEOs reported that “AI is mainstream technology in their office.”

Here’s a list of the advantages and disadvantages of using AI-Generated Content on your website.

Pros of Automated Content Creation

Creates Content for You Immediately

Though it’s not polished from the jump, an AI Content Generator provides copy containing powerful insights. Still, the tool will quickly produce raw material you can mold to your specifications.

An automated workflow will provide prime material for blog articles or posts. So you won’t have to worry about researching and brainstorming for content ideas. Instead, all the user needs to do is provide the AI Generator with a topic or subject. Then, Content Writers will modify the AI-Generated Content to their specifications.

As a result, this method gives you a headstart on article writing. But after that, a human Content Writer should take over. They can add creativity, ensure accuracy, and improve the content’s tone.

Cost-Efficient, But Also Provides High ROI

Because gaining a substantial word count is easier with Automated Content Creation, it saves time, effort, and resources. Though you need to edit the work to create a final product, making the initial draft won’t require much input. Thus, you can improve productivity while producing more content for your site.

ai content generator, automated content creation

AI Tools can make your regular Content Creation process faster and more insightful. So, creating articles via an AI Content Generator is cost-efficient. Content Specialists can then use their time and resources to focus on more critical decisions.

Though your costs are reduced, you still get the best of the AI Content Generator’s work. As a result, you gain rich content and provide higher-quality articles to your site visitors.

Allows You to Write Engaging Content

Tools like Jasper can further optimize your blog posts. But, an AI Content Generator can support Content Writers with grammar and writing style. In addition, the right tool can assist you with personalizing your content.

Personalization is the new black in Content Marketing. It allows you to reach out to specific demographics within your target audience. In addition, the extended functionality of AI means that you can tailor certain content for different clients or situations.

With Automated Content Creation, you can create as many articles as needed. Thus, you can provide the appropriate content for a platform of your choice.

Cons of Creating Automated Content

Doesn’t Provide Natural-Sounding Content Immediately

Artificial Intelligence Content Generator will create website content that doesn’t always sound like a human. At worst, the content may read as disjointed or incomprehensible. However, a human should edit the content to sound more human-like. Thus, you’re sure to create something perfect for both a human audience and search engine bots.

proofread and edit text produced by artificial intelligence

Content Generator Tools use Natural Language Processing to write like humans, though it doesn’t always yield perfect results. However, the content generated from this method still requires the human touch. So, a human must curate and modify the artificially-generated content, whether it’s an article or an image. Thus, Content Writers must ensure that the text is appropriate for site visitor consumption.

Can’t Generate New or Neutral Ideas

Because of Google’s Helpful Content Update, a human touch is necessary for handling content created by Artificial Intelligence. First, AI-Generated Content is generated from existing content, meaning it can only reiterate or recycle the points it’s analyzed. So, a human must be the one to create new ideas and improve on the content produced by the AI Tool.

Second, flawed algorithms might produce biased or skewed content that favors a particular stance. As a result, your initial draft may have inaccuracies or points that don’t necessarily align with your initial goals. Therefore, it’s the reason why Quality Control is so critical for preparing your content.

Doesn’t Emote Well and Can’t Provide A Lot of Context

You also can’t expect Automated Content Creation to generate expressive content. Of course, the content will be informative, and you can publish more posts than ever. However, the content cannot empathize with a character, experience, or other aspects of the text.

It can provide opinions and exposition about the data it’s studied. However, the content produced by the tool can’t provide in-depth views. So, in addition to its incapability of being subjective, AI-Generated Content can’t make an argument for its views.

Text written by a human can provide excellent information on a subject with natural emotions. The latter is something that Artificial Intelligence can’t match, no matter how advanced the Content Automation Tool is.

How to Create AI-Generated Content the Right Way

Due to how advantageous AI Content Creation Tools are for business, the market will continue to grow. Moreover, the Artificial Intelligence market will be valued at a whopping $641.3 billion in 2028! However, it’s still vital to remember you need to create content for human readers first and search engines second. 

AI is a powerful tool that can save time and resources while boosting productivity. But, Automation Platforms or Tools’ work isn’t perfect at the outset. So, you must ensure that the content you gain from Artificial Intelligence Tools is modified with a human touch. 

proofread and edit text produced by artificial intelligence

After all, they generate text that isn’t immediately ready for posting, such as content that:

  • Doesn’t sound like a human wrote it;
  • Is redundant;
  • Is unoriginal;
  • Feels less personal;
  • Isn’t as engaging; and
  • Isn’t relevant, targeted, or tailored to an audience.

Therefore, you need to know how to do Automated Content Generation right. This usually involves editing the draft produced by the AI Content Generator. Then, you can hire experienced Content Writers to mold the content to your requirements. But here are key strategies to ensure your content sounds human, despite initially being made by an AI.

Create Long-Form Content

Content produced by Artificial Intelligence is usually short, shorter than most Long-Form Content that Google favors so much. So if the generator tool provides a certain amount of content, you can boost the word count. Thus, you can offer more information and indicate greater value to your website visitors.

Applying your existing Content Strategies and requirements to the base text is vital. In addition, you can add the latest or updated information and your experiences or expertise to the article.

Add a Human Element to the Story

Your work isn’t done until you add human elements because everyone loves stories. People who visit your website are no different. A writer’s personal experiences are critical for tapping into a reader’s interest. Unfortunately, for all its advantages, Artificial Intelligence can’t readily share personal experiences.

So, even if you craft content with specific Long-Tailed Keywords, you must still proofread the generated text. But, then, by utilizing AI-Generated Content as your foundation, you can create something engaging and human. 

So, Content Writers should proofread and create content that ignites action. In addition, it’s critical to follow recommended formatting and headings according to SEO Best Practices.

ai content generator, ai content generation, automated content creation

Make Fresh or New Content

Old content won’t interest your visitors, but it can be helpful to your Content Marketing Strategies. An AI Content Generator Tool may be the basis of your final product. However, it’s mainly content analyzed and rewritten by a tool, not a human. 

Artificial Intelligence can create text in record time. However, when you look deeper, it isn’t a great reflection of human behavior. Not only that, but as mentioned earlier, the Generator Tool can’t provide any new insights or in-depth opinions. Fortunately, the human handling Content Creation can add a fresh spin on the text! 

So, you can add more statistics, tips, and other relevant content to stand out and gain the attention of interested readers.

Apply SEO Strategies, but Put Readers First

To ensure readers can get the most out of your content, you can follow SEO-based Content Marketing Tactics. A key strategy for this can include SEO for WordPress Blogs. Your priority when creating content is to write for people before you tap into search engines. 

That way, you can improve your chances of ranking on Search Engine Results Pages. In addition, the Helpful Content Update prioritizes readers and ensures that valuable content is placed front and center. Thus, they can learn or gain plenty of information from reading your article or post. 

Content can do a lot for your business’ reputation. But first, you must create unique content to make your readers feel that landing on your pages was worth it.

Give the Content Some (Brand) Personality

Content Writers must ensure that a business’ brand voice shines through AI-Generated Content! A critical part of creating personalized content is to ensure that the text reflects your brand personality. In addition, you want readers to connect to your brand. Artificial Intelligence Tools aren’t there yet, though they might catch up soon enough. 

automated content creation

Since the content can sound robotic if not proofread, it’s not always focused on your brand voice. For instance, a business can also use the content for the buyer’s journey. It’s here that your brand voice must shine through the most. Your target audience should feel the emotions you intend to rouse. 

So, it’s vital to seamlessly incorporate your brand tone and message into the text while handling the Automated Content Generation.

Final Thoughts

No matter how advanced it is, Artificial Intelligence can’t replicate or replace humans. For one, its Content Generator Tools don’t reliably produce content that sounds like a human. Also, its machine learning can’t provide new ideas, in-depth opinions, or an emotional connection.

The method significantly speeds up the content creation process. However, it doesn’t mean you gain high-quality or even natural-sounding results. As such, humans are still critical in the Content Writing or Creation process. So, they’re indispensable even when you have text produced by an AI Tool.

Overall, human Content Writers must manually analyze and edit AI-Generated Content for better user-friendliness and relatability. However, you can talk to Content Writers in the Philippines to ensure that your content stays natural, informative, and engaging.

Axel May Rivera


Axel is an avid fan of many dramas and songs. She is always eager to explore and discover more when it comes to movies and entertainment, especially in Korean and Filipino culture. In her free time, she enjoys reading books and playing badminton.

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